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Catholic priest claims he was healed of a brain tumor after visiting Lourdes

Lourdes, France
Credit: Jean-noël Lafargue/Wikipedia/Free Art License

I have often been leery of claims by the Roman Catholic Church of miraculous healing because sometimes they attribute them to a myriad of things like the saints.

In fact, you can’t become a saint in the Roman Catholic Church without performing at least two miracles after you are dead, which I believe is Biblical error. READ: How many miracles does it take to be canonized a saint?

However, I do acknowledge, there was one instance of a dead man coming to life after touching the bones of the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 13:21), but I believe the healing came from the anointing remaining on his bones. It did not originate from the prophet in heaven. The Roman Catholic Church seems to agree because, ironically, it has NOT declared Elisha to be a saint.

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But at the same time, I also believe it’s possible for healing to take place under weird circumstances because of a person’s underlying faith in Christ.

For example, we read of the strange occurrences that took place in Ephesus when the Apostle Paul touched aprons and handkerchiefs which were then taken to people who were instantly healed and delivered from demons (Acts 19:12).

I don’t believe these items held miraculous power, but that the healing and deliverances took place because of the person’s foundational faith in Christ’s healing power (Matthew 8:17).

So with that in mind I want to report on the miraculous healing of Fr. John Hollowell, a Roman Catholic priest from Indiana, reported by Fox News.

Father Hollowell had a brain tumor and in a recent video posted on Jan 30, 2023, reported being healed of this condition after a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France in June 2022.

Hollowell was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2020, and after going through several treatments including surgery, chemo and radiation, an MRI scan revealed in early 2022, that his brain tumor had returned and was growing. A second tumor had also been discovered on his pituitary gland.

The prognosis was grim.

This prompted Fr. Hollowell to visit Lourdes, France, a place where the Roman Catholic Church believes Mary made over 20 appearances to numerous people, including a 14-year-old girl in 1858.

It eventually turned into a pilgrimage site, which the Roman Catholic Church claims have been the source of over 70 verifiable miracles.

In his video, Fr. Hollowell believes he was similarly healed after bathing in the river that runs by Lourdes.

“Like Naaman the Syrian in our first reading, who washed and was cleansed from leprosy in the Jordan, I washed in the river at Lourdes and was cured,” Hollowell said in his video uploaded in Oct 2022.

In an interview with Fox News, Hollowell added that he noticed an improvement as soon as he returned to the US as he felt stronger. His mind was clearer enabling him to preach without notes.

A second scan in November 2022 revealed that both tumors were now gone and all that remained of the brain tumor was the scar tissue from his initial surgery. Doctors believe it will not return.

In his statement, Hollowell revealed his underlying faith in the healing power of Jesus that I believe was the actual source of this healing, stating:

I want to thank Jesus for the gift not just of my healing but also the gift of the tumor surgeries, radiation and chemo as well.

READ: Indiana priest says he’s cured of brain tumor after trip to Lourdes: ‘Thanks be to God’

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