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Why did a Jewish university in NYC ban all student clubs?


One of Yeshiva University’s campuses in downtown New York City
Credit: ajay_suresh/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

Yeshiva University, an orthodox Jewish school in New York City, has suspended all clubs on campus after New York County’s Supreme Court ordered it to recognize an LGBTQ club on campus.

In addition to providing academic training in such fields as psychology, business and law, the university trains its students in Jewish culture, the Torah (Old Testament Law) and Hebrew.

Though the majority of students are Jewish, many non-Jewish students attend Yeshiva’s business and law schools.

Yeshiva University had appealed the lower court’s decision to the US Supreme Court. However, it refused to hear the case until Yeshiva had gone through the appeals process in the lower court.

This left the New York Supreme Court ruling in place, which led to the university’s decision to ban all clubs on campus.

CBN provides more details:

Last year, three former students and a current student sued the school and demanded the state of New York force them to recognize an undergraduate LGBTQ advocacy club.

New York County Supreme Court ruled in favor of the students saying the Jewish university was not a “religious corporation” under city law and not protected by the U.S. Constitution. The court ordered Yeshiva to “immediately” approve the club.

“This is obviously wrong,” a university spokesperson told The Commentator at the time. “As our name indicates, Yeshiva was founded specifically to impart Torah values to its students through providing an outstanding education, allowing them to robustly live out their faith as noble citizens and committed Jews. We love and care for all our students—each one created in God’s image…”

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