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God’s light shining in dark places

While the world seems to be getting darker, God’s light is breaking through in unusual places.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association announced an unusual move of God in Mongolia, a small nation wedged between Russia on its Northern border, and Communist China to the south.

With a population of 3.3 million, it functioned as a satellite state of the old Soviet Union until its collapse in 1991. At that point, Mongolia embraced a market economy and democracy.

Today, over 51% of the people are Buddhist and as a holdover from its atheistic days under Marx-Leninism, just over 40% have no religion. Christianity makes up over 2% of the population.

The two days of meetings featured, Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham at meetings in Mongolia’s capital city Ulaanbaatar, which were sponsored by nearly 250 of the country’s churches.

Christian Post reports that over 17,000 people attended the meetings held in the city’s main arena and on the last night, over 2,000 Mongolians came forward to receive Christ.

Organizers were even surprised by the number who attended a youth event held before the main meetings. They planned for 600, but were shocked when more than double, 1,400, attended the event.

And in America, a prison ministry, God Behind Bars, is reporting a move of God among American inmates. In 2021, the ministry reported that it baptized 90 inmates across the US and noted so far this year, over 450 inmates have received Christ and been baptized for their faith.

In its Facebook post, GBB added that one prison in Tennessee reported 51 conversions in early September.

On average, there are three million people incarcerated in America on a daily basis.

In addition to prison ministry, GBB has developed an app, Pando, for prisoners and reports that it has been downloaded over 500,000 times.

One of the main goals of the ministry is to help inmates find work and connect with a church once they have been released from prison.

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