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Study: More people attend nondenominational churches in America than denominational

According to the 2020 US Religion Census, there has been a major shift in the type of churches people attend. For the past century, the religious landscape has been dominated by such denominations as Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodists.

But no longer, the yet-to-be-released report reveals that the number of people attending non-denominational churches exceeded those attending denominational churches, Christianity Today reports.

The report stated that since 2010, there are over 4,000 new nondenominational churches in America and along with that an additional 6.5 million Americans were now attending nondenominational churches.

Meanwhile, the number of people attending denominational churches has been declining for several years. However, most of the decline is seen in liberal denominations, such as Methodist and Episcopalian, that no longer accept the Bible, as the word of God.

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