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Take a risk and ask a stranger, ‘Can I pray for you’

When is the last time, you asked a complete stranger if you could pray for them?

Ashlye Wilkerson was driving her father, Anthony “Tony” Geddis, home on March 28, 2022, after he had received chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer when she was stopped by a North Carolina State Trooper, Jaret Doty, for speeding, FaithWire reports.

As the police officer explained the reason for the stop and asked for Ashlye’s driver’s license and registration, she apologized for missing the moment when the speed limit transitioned to a lower speed.

But her dad, weakened by his cancer and treatment, spoke up, explaining his daughter was driving him home after just receiving his chemo treatment.

Doty returned to his car with the information, and Ashlye noticed that it seemed to be taking an unusually long time to write the ticket.

But Doty wasn’t writing a ticket, in an interview with WSOC-TV, Doty knew, he wouldn’t be writing a ticket for Ashlye.

“At that time I knew there is no way I’m writing this lady a ticket,” Doty told WSCO-TV. “I had to sit in (my car) for a while just to compose myself to figure out what to say when I went back.”

He had family members fighting cancer and also had part of his colon removed because of ulcerative colitis. As he struggled with what to do next, Doty realized what God was asking him to do.

He returned to the car and ask Tony if he could pray for him.

Tony, who was a deacon in his church, responded with yes, saying, “I absolutely believe in prayer.”

Officer Doty prayed for Tony, gave Ashlye a warning ticket, and sent them on their way with the words that he would be praying for Tony.

Nearly two months later, on May 22, 2022, Tony went to be with the Lord.

After her father had died, Ashlye wrote a letter to her dad that she posted on Linkedin, and it was this brief encounter between her dad and officer Doty that she remembered, writing:

“He asked if he could pray with you. You welcomed the prayers with gratitude and informed him that you’re a deacon of your church,” she wrote. “You proudly shared your love for Christ and your belief that God’s will would be done.”

Wilkerson also revealed that Doty gave her dad a “small silver cross” to symbolize his faith. It was one of those small moments in life that is brief and fleeting yet leaves a massive impact.

It’s these small, seemingly insignificant moments that can be so impactful.

The writer of Hebrews says:

16 And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Hebrews 13:16 ESV)

As the writer encourages us to continue “doing good and sharing,” he notes that these small acts can be sacrifices. They can be inconvenient. They can be scary as they often take us out of our comfort zone.

Doty took a risk because he was asking a complete stranger if he could pray. How would Tony react?

In an interview with CNN, Ashlye explained how, “It was a really beautiful moment for me to see this take place between my dad and the officer.”

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