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Repent of your white privilege: Is racism the original sin?

You have probably heard of “whiteness” the offense of being part of the dominant majority, that discriminates against minorities with different skin colors. If we consider the whole world, light-skinned people, whose ancestors came from Europe, including people who still live in Europe, form a large minority. In the world community, Asia and Africa have huge populations.

I remember learning in school, about the explorers who sailed from Europe and conquered and settled North and South America, and Australia and New Zealand. The new nations that grew from this prospered and sometimes dominated the world. In the southern United States and Brazil, and the Caribbean, large slave populations were imported from Africa. From that division of society, Europeans and Africans, racism tends to be defined by skin color.

The United States had a violent civil war, and many civil-rights protest movements.

“Whiteness” and “White Privilege” were ideas that fuelled academic discussions. Now, with protest groups like “Black Lives Matter” that protest against “Whiteness” and try to change it, the argument has gone public, and onto the streets.

The arguments about “White Privilege” can be fierce, and even violent. When I was young, I spent several months in Africa. The African people that I met were very polite and kind to me; everyone of them. Maybe I was privileged because I saw “Tribalism” that was as strong as any racial prejudice, and I was not pulled into the arguments.

Racism is a huge problem outside the white-black division. People with the same skin color can be fierce rivals, and governments work hard to keep nations united. Some places, in the world, are close to civil war.

From my experiences, I don’t believe that racial prejudice is tied to skin color. It’s a human issue, everywhere.

But that is just me. Feel free to form your own opinion.

We have a new problem. The ideas that fuel protest movements are becoming a religion. If these ideas are accepted by governments, they will constitute policies and laws, and we will live under those laws. We should pay attention; we might be witnessing the future direction of our societies.

The Babylon Bee recently explained this new religion, with sarcastic humor:

“Sin” is a religious concept. “Original Sin” is from the Bible story of Adam and Eve. It is the story of how humans rejected God and went their own way. As a result, people who have rejected God have filled the world with problems, also known as “Sin.” The “Original Sin” is the root and source of all our concerns. If we could fix that one failure, we could make everything right.

In the Bible, we have these words, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3: 23) From that failure, we have a messed-up world, and we need to be saved. That is the Christian message.

Now, protest movements and the Bible have been pulled together into one idea. We have a belief that racism based on “Whiteness” and “White Privilege” is the original sin, the source of all our troubles.

At least one book has been published to promote this idea:

So, what should we do with this new “Original Sin”?

This is critical. Imagine working hard to fix a root problem, and still having problems. We have to get this right.

If we remove “White Privilege from our societies, will all our problems go away?” “Original Sin” is more than a dramatic expression; buzzwords. The expression says that ‘this fixes everything.’

I’m a Christian, and I am concerned about this. Yes, we have problems. Every generation, in history, has its failings.

Up to that point, most of us agree.

Many of us believe that our root problem is one thing; we have rebelled and rejected God. All of our difficulties come from that. Changing that shifts the foundations, and changes everything. Change the starting point, and we change the destination.

We are being directed into something new and unknown with a few words.

If we want it, we already have something new, but the new life does not include privilege and superior status: “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:3 and 4)

I hope that the old truth does not get lost in modern arguments.


  1. Racism serves God as a filter. His Heavenly Kingdom will definetly not include people who reject others because of their colour. The racisit will show who they are and remoove their selves from the presence of God…al by their selves


  2. LT says

    ‘Reverend’ doesn’t make one’s words more honest/factual/truth than anyone else’s.


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