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Every new mama Elephant seal gets an iPhone?

According to a recent study, every new mama seal gets an iPhone or at the very least a link to google maps.

After female Elephant seals become pregnant, they set out on a 6,200 mile (10,000 km) journey into the North east Pacific Ocean foraging for food.

They will be out at sea for 240 days, according to researchers, who put trackers on 100 female seals and followed their journey by satellite.

No matter how far out they were or where they went, female seals know instinctively when to turn around and head back home, so they arrive back at their beach five days before giving birth to their pups.

The Daily Mail explains:

We expected that highly successful (i.e. fatter) seals might end their foraging trips earlier, but that was not the case; instead, it seems like they are well programmed to turn around strategically based on where they are and in turn how long it will take them to get back.

The team is still unclear what sensory clues the animals rely on to keep track of where they are and head in the right direction for home. However, according to the researchers, it’s clear they can adjust the timing of their travels based on this ‘internal GPS’.

READ: Pregnant elephant seals have a ‘built-in GPS’ that tells them exactly when to make the 6,200-mile-journey home from foraging sites just in time to give birth, study reveals

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