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Man confesses to 25-year-old murder after becoming a Christian

The Western Journal reports that an unsolved murder that took place in 1993 was solved nearly 25 years later, after the man who helped commit the crime confessed because of his Christian faith.

The body of Frank McAlister, 19, was found in the wilderness near Redding, California with multiple stab wounds.

However, the police had no suspects in the case until 2018, when Brian Hawkins, 48, confessed to the crime publicly on TV, before turning himself in to the police.

Hawkins along with two others had killed McAlister as part of their plan to rob him of money McAlister attained through a recent insurance settlement.

The Western Journal writes, “it was one thing in particular, though, that persuaded him to finally come clean: He became a Christian” and felt God pressuring him to confess.

God, Christ, these things that have happened throughout my whole life since then, for over 25 years have pushed me and pushed me to do the right thing, Hawkins said in an interview with KRCR TV. “I know I — the wrong can’t be changed, but this is, as close as I can come to doing the right thing.”

After confessing to the crime, Hawkins faces 25 years in jail. His two associates have also confessed, after initially denying involvement, and will be sentenced on Feb 25, 2022.

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