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NASA hires theologians to help deal with possible discovery of alien life

The Milky Way
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According to an article in Relevant Magazine, NASA has hired 24 theologians to provide advice if humans ever come in contact with aliens or find evidence of life on other planets.

The group is part of the Center for Theological Inquiry (CTI), a non-profit based in Princeton, New Jersey, that provides theological perspectives on issues of cultural and global importance.

Relevant added that University of Cambridge religious professor, Dr. Andrew Davison, who is part of this group, stated that their goal is to consider both the cultural and religious implications that such discoveries would have on society. He said that a “large number of people would turn to their religion’s traditions for guidance” if life was discovered on other planets.

So, does the Bible speak of Aliens?

In the Book of Genesis, we are told that God created earth to hold life, while the rest of the universe, stars and planets, were formed to serve as signs and help man track the seasons:

Then God said, Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years (Genesis 1:14).

The vast universe also was created to declare the ‘Glory of God’ (Psalm 19:1).

Despite the fact, there is no evidence of aliens or alien life on other planets, the belief is on the rise. A recent survey conducted by Pew Research found that 65% of Americans believe there is intelligent life on other planets, with the biggest support (75%) found in the younger generation, those between the ages of 18 and 29.

Belief in aliens among religious groups

So, how do different religions view aliens?

Though it is dated, a 2014 article in the Daily Mail, reported that a survey conducted by Astronomer David Weintraub found that those most likely to believe in alien life are atheists and Muslims.

Ironically, the survey found that 55% of atheists who claim they don’t believe in God because of a lack of evidence believe in little green men, even though there is no evidence for their existence.

When broken down by religious affiliation, Weintraub found that:

  • 55% of atheists believe in alien life
  • 44% of Muslims
  • 37% of Jews
  • 36% of Hindus
  • 32% of Christians

Weintraub noted that there are verses in Islam’s Koran that suggest alien life, which may explain the higher support among Muslims. He also said that some eastern religions believe that humans are reincarnations of aliens. But he added that there are few Biblical texts that would support the idea of aliens.

But surveys reveal that a belief in aliens is definitely on the rise, as we have seen a dramatic rise in that belief over the past few years.

According to Pew’s 2021 survey, 85% of atheists/agnostics believe in aliens compared to 55% in 2014, as do 57% of Christians compared to 32% seven years ago.

I have no doubt that at some point, NASA will claim its found life on other planets. There is no way it could afford to waste billions of tax dollars looking for alien life, without finding it.

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