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Hundreds lift their cellphones, signifying they received Christ during church’s Christmas programs

There were shocking responses to invitations to receive Christ during Champion Forest Baptist Church’s Christmas services this year.

The Baptist Press reports that for five days, Dec 8 – Dec 12, 2021, the Houston church held its Christmas program, with one nightly from Wednesday through Friday and two on Saturday and also Sunday.

It’s estimated that 30,000 people attended services during the five-day event.

At the end of each program, the church’s senior pastor, Jarrett Stephens, gave a Gospel presentation, after which he invited those who believed in Jesus for their salvation to turn on their cell phones’ flashlight in the darkened auditorium.

Everyone, including the congregation, was stunned by the responses as dozens of people held their cellphones high in the air at the end of each service, flooding the auditorium with light.

Photographs taken over the five-day event revealed that 1,114 people had made a decision to believe in Jesus.

Calling the response unprecedented, Stephens told the Baptist Press:

God is moving, and to Him be the glory. It is all about Him. I’m amazed, and our team is blown away by the response.

So far this year, the church has performed 601 water baptisms, including 112 who were baptized on the last Sunday of October.

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People lifting their cellphones indicating they have chosen to believe in Jesus during a Champion Forest Baptist Church’s Christmas service in 2021. Credit: YouTube Capture


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