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A call to end ‘family privilege’?

It was inevitable. The next thing on the agenda for the cultural marxists is ending the family unit as we know it.

Here is an excerpt from a webinar entitled Toward Dismantling Family Privilege and White Supremacy in Family Science by two university professors that somehow links ‘white privilege’ with ‘family privilege’:

Like White privilege, family privilege is an unacknowledged and unearned benefit instantiated in U.S. laws, policies, and practices and bestowed upon traditional or “standard” nuclear families to the disadvantage of non-traditional configured family systems (e.g., sole-parent families, unmarried committed partners rearing children together, grandparents raising grandchildren). Family privilege is defined as the benefits, often invisible and unacknowledged, that one receives by belonging to family systems long upheld in society as superior to all others. It serves to advantage certain family forms over others and is typically bestowed upon White, traditional nuclear families.

Family privilege is a structural mechanism “hidden” within our White supremacist society that creates systemic barriers to equal opportunity and justice for all families. In this webinar, attendees will examine, recognize, and learn how to dismantle the manifestations of family privilege in our social systems by using an intersectional framework developed by critical feminist and race scholars. Participants will be challenged to consider how structural forces create differential experiences and opportunities that produce diverse family constellations.

Of course, this shouldn’t surprise us as the founders of communism, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, called for an end to the family unit in the Communist Manifesto writing:

Abolition of the family! … The bourgeois family will disappear, in the course [of history] as its supplement [private property] disappears, and both will vanish with the destruction of capital.  – The Communist Manifesto, Chapter 2, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels. (Translation by Larrey Anderson/American Thinker)

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