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Warnings of unrest as Europe’s green policy results in rapidly rising energy prices

Yellow Vest Protest against rapidly increasing fuel prices in Paris, France in August 2018.
Credit: Olivier Ortelpa/Wikipedia/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0

The bureaucratic run European Union (EU) is determined to make Europe carbon-neutral by 2050.

Breitbart reports that this plan includes carbon taxes and shutting down reliable coal and nuclear plants and replacing them with expensive and unreliable green energy such as wind and solar.

The predictable result is rapidly increasing energy prices on heat, electricity and fuel. According to Europe’s consumer price index, consumers have already been hit with a 15% increase in energy costs over last year.

And even with that, gas and electrical producers are warning that more increases are on the way.

In an effort to curtail the rapidly increasing prices, Spain has already removed its VAT sales tax off the price of energy, that was almost instantly eaten up by price increases.

In a recent speech at Ecofin, Nadia Calvino, Spain’s deputy prime minister said that the rapidly rising energy prices is “creating unrest in our populations and pressing the governments to take measures with a view to dampening or minimising the negative impact on household incomes and on the competitiveness of companies.”

Several are now warning that Europe may face protests similar to what took place in France in 2018, when tens of thousands took to the streets in what was called the yellow vest protests, demanding a halt to the rapidly rising gas prices.

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