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Will Biden’s Afghanistan blunder result in an extremist resurgence world-wide?

Taliban police patrolling the streets of Herat, Afghanistan in 2001.
Credit: bluuurgh/Wikipedia/Public Domain

According to an article on UCA News, Christians in Bangladesh are now worried that the Taliban’s success in Afghanistan may result in increased attacks on Christians in that country, as extremists are emboldened by the Taliban’s success.

Though a democracy, the Bangladesh government has recently stated publicly that it may support the Taliban in Afghanistan. But with the third-largest Muslim population in the world, the secular government has also struggled to contain Islamic extremism.

In an interview with UCA News, Roman Catholic Bishop Liton H. Gomes said:

“Bangladesh has struggled against religious extremism and militancy, which came from mujahidins and the Taliban of Afghanistan. Now, the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Bangladesh government’s support for a Taliban regime have potential for a major boost and rise in militancy in Bangladesh again.”

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And his fears may be justified.

According to Lord Jonathan Evans, a former MI5 chief in the UK, the Taliban’s recent success in Afghanistan could lead to a terrorism resurgence around the world, including the West.

Afghanistan not only has the potential of becoming a training ground for radical groups worldwide, Evans added that the Taliban’s crushing victory will also provide a “‘psychological’ boost,” inspiring many terrorist groups to become more active.

The Daily Mail reported on a recent interview that Lord Evans had with Radio 4:

‘There’s also the psychological effect of the inspiration that some people will draw from the failure of Western power in Afghanistan.

‘That may well create a certain amount of energy in the wider networks that are still in existence in Britain and across the West.

‘So, I think, in practical terms and in terms of ungoverned space, but also in psychological terms, it probably does mean an increase in threat over the coming months and years.'”

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