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Report: Afghan Taliban searching phones looking for Bible apps

According to a report by Frontier Alliance International (FAI), the Taliban in Afghanistan are going door to door looking for Christians. This has resulted in many Christians fleeing their homes to hide in the mountains.

The report, that was provided by Christians that FAI works with in Afghanistan, adds that the Taliban are seizing people’s phones and looking for such things as Bible apps to determine if the individual is a Christian.

Religion News Service reports that, SAT-7 North America, another Christian organization working in Afghanistan, is similarly being told by Afghan believers that the Taliban is seizing phones looking for Christian apps.

The FAI was also told by a person in Afghanistan that families in some regions are being ordered to mark their home with an X if they have girls over the age of 12. Failure to do so could result in the death of the whole family.

There have been several reports that the Taliban are looking for girls as young as 12 to serve as wives or sex slaves in the Taliban army.

As previously reported, because Islam allows polygamy there is a shortage of women available for marriage, resulting in thousands of single young men with no hope of getting married. The Taliban has reportedly recruited most of its army from this large group of single males.

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