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Afghanistan: Advancing Taliban seizing girls as young as 12 for wives or sexual slaves

Afghanistan women in Pakistan protesting against the Taliban in 1998
Credit: Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan/ Commons 3.0

According to a report by the Daily Mail, the Taliban’s slow take over of Afghanistan, after the US withdrawal, is having a disturbing consequence for young women.

As they take over a territory, the terrorist organization is reportedly going door-to-door, seizing girls as young as 12 as wives for their troops or as sexual slaves. They are even searching the wardrobes of the family’s home to determine ages and if families are hiding their daughters.

They are also reportedly forcing local imams to provide lists of any unmarried girls or women in their community.

At this point, the Taliban has seized control of nine of Afghanistan’s 34 provincial regions.

READ: Advancing Taliban are going door-to-door and forcibly taking girls as young as TWELVE to be sex slave wives for their fighters as they sweep across Afghanistan

Of course, the question that needs to be answered is why are they doing this?

This is a follow-up, to a post from a few days ago about the social upheaval that selective abortions targeting females and polygamy is having in certain countries.

Under Islamic law, a man is allowed to have up to four wives, in addition to several concubines. In some countries, this has resulted in a shortage of females, and thousands of single men with no hope of marriage or starting a family.

One of those countries impacted by this is Afghanistan. According to one report, the Taliban in Afghanistan gets most of its recruits from this growing population of single men. READ: Polygamy in Afghanistan

RELATED: Polygamy in Sierra Leone AND Sierra Leone, Demographic and Health Survey 2008″, Statistics Sierra Leone – Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Freetown, Sierra Leone, ICF Macro Calverton, Maryland USA, July 2009, p. 84.


  1. Gingerbeardman says

    The daily mail has no one reporting in Afghanistan, it’s second hand rumours which have now been quietly dropped by most of the media as it was almost certainly propaganda.

    Which is why the picture you show from RAWA is interesting. This was a radical feminist Maoist group which existed at the time of the original Taliban regime well known for lies and propaganda.

    There are likely to be enough problems and issues in Afghanistan for the western media and the haters of Islam to salivate over in the next few months but try to stick to the truth if you want to remain credible in any discussion on such.


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