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Study: Is it time to ditch university?

Remember when Occupy Wall Street was the flavour of the day. They were the early left-wing rendition of what would eventually become Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

They were occupying parks near Wall Street and complaining about the evils of capitalism, etc and etc.

But a strange story emerged about one person who was part of this protest and why he was protesting.

He had graduated with a teaching degree and was working full time as a teacher in New York City. But he decided to leave his full time job and follow his heart and get at Masters in Puppetry at the University of Connecticut.

Yes, puppetry as in puppets.

Three years later, he was $35,000 in debt and was stunned to find out there were not a lot of job opportunities as a puppeteer and the best thing he could find was working as a substitute teacher at the school where he once had a full time job.

He was part of occupy, protesting against the evil capitalist system that does not value his master’s degree in puppetry.

Unfortunately, he is not alone. According to a report by the Daily Mail, a lot of students are wasting their time getting a university degree, as their study revealed that students who chose to attend trade schools and related apprenticeship fields were dollars ahead.

The study revealed that students who chose this route were not only in better paying jobs, but were £52,732 (US$73,000) ahead after three years.

Certainly, there are university programs that provide good paying jobs in medical fields, teaching, IT, engineering and legal. But getting an old-fashioned Arts degree often provides little benefit other than racking up a huge debt.

Aside from a degree in puppetry, universities also offer many strange classes where students can fill the university’s pockets, while racking rack up debt.

You can learn to climb a tree at Cornell. Learn how to properly watch TV at Montclair State University. Study the philosophy of the old TV series Twilight Zone at Indiana State or The Simpsons at California-Berkley. Learn how to properly cone an ice cream cone at Penn State and study the physics of Star Trek at Santa Clara.

But they do offer some strange classes that could potentially save your life, like one on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse being offered by Michigan State.

A few year’s back, a college, near where I live, that provided practical training in several fields and trades such as business, computers, medical, accounting, and electrical ran billboards in May congratulating the recent university graduates.

The wording read simply, “Congratulations, on receiving your University Arts degree, now it’s time to find a job,” and then listed some programs being offered at the school.

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