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Did God give us COVID? A plague of biblical proportions

The COVID virus Credit: Fusion Medical Animation/unsplash.com

Recently, I watched a new video of a doctor who disagreed with the Government. Where I live, The government has followed instructions and vaccinated large numbers of people against COVID. After achieving a successful number of vaccinations, they told us about their success, and lifted most restrictions and the way we live. We can now visit friends and go to church. Even infected people are free to travel.

The doctor was furious, because he believes people are now in danger.

If you want to see the interview, the link is here:

I don’t want to argue with a doctor. He was very emotional when he talked about the dangers of COVID, and not always easy to understand. He thinks the government has made a mistake. Now there are rumors that people from our area will be restricted when they travel to other places. Some people believe that vaccines won’t protect us enough and we need to stay isolated.

It’s ugly out there. And there are stories about demonstrations and possibly riots against COVID restrictions, in places like Greece and Australia:

Something big is happening in the world.

We went to a coffee shop that has been in an old neighbourhood for many years. It’s a fixture in our city, and it probably existed before some adults were born. When we got to the door, we couldn’t open it. The door was locked, and someone told us the old coffee shop was gone. It failed as a business during the COVID lockdowns. I’m going to miss that old shop.

I have a neighbour who will tell you that this COVID panic is all a fraud, and others who work in hospitals and see some very sick patients. Another neighbour tells people who are vaccinated that they might be dead in three years. And we have the angry doctor in the news, and riots and demonstrations around the world. In the news, there are stories about pharmacy companies having a very good year, financially.

We can all follow the stories as they develop. I don’t want to disagree or argue with the experts, and they seem to be arguing among themselves now. We have a disruption in the world on the scale of a world war. It’s a plague of biblical proportions, and it won’t go away.

Where will this end? Do you believe in God?

Did God do this? Is there a message that we are all supposed to understand?

Anyone who does not believe in God should know that they made a choice. Not believing is a belief. Most of our experts, doctors and scientists are focused on a human solution.

That is reasonable for people who chose to not believe, before the virus arrived.

Do you believe in God? If the answer is yes, we have no choice. If we see God anywhere, we have to see God in this plague. We can’t just believe when that works for us. We can’t be religious hypocrites.

So, what is a plague in the Bible?

In the story, God brought trouble into the world, but the bigger plan was to free the slaves. The plagues were just a temporary message, and they went away when people understood and acted.

One of the most dramatic and powerful statements in the Bible is this: “At the end of the 430 years, to the very day, all the Lord’s divisions left Egypt.” (Exodus 12: 41)

Imagine; your entire nation is a race of slaves, and then one day you walk out into freedom. The event was stunning to those people. Of course, Pharaoh of Egypt was not happy with this, so he led his army out to kill those people, or take them back. You know the story, a few days later, the slaves stood by the seashore and saw the bodies of their worst enemies floating in the water; all drowned.

The impossible happened.

The Hebrew people never recovered from that. They were always shocked and awed when they remembered what God did at the Red Sea.

In all the arguments about COVID, we should remember this; the plagues were only a message. They ended before the main event.

People who do not believe in God will see things differently, but those of us who believe must see something bigger in the COVID crisis. Someone wants our attention.

There was another message for those slaves, after their liberation:

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. (Numbers 6:24-26)

If we believe, we must know there is more.

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