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Meet one of the churches vandalized on Canada Day

Calgary skyline

Meet the new Canada. On Canada Day (July 1, 2021), social justice warriors vandalized 10 churches in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The attacks on churches across Canada started shortly after stories surfaced of unmarked graves at Indian Residential Schools across Canada, including 215 unmarked graves in Kamloops and 715 graves at a school on the Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan.

But though these schools were largely run by the Roman Catholic Church, Calgary’s social justice warriors decided to target an African Evangelical Church, that was made up solely of refugees who had fled their countries because they were being persecuted for their faith and their churches were being set on fire.

Now they see the same thing happening in Canada.

The BBC explains:

Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney, said on Thursday one of the vandalised locations was an African Evangelical Church in the city of Calgary.

He said its congregation was made up entirely of former refugees who fled countries where churches are often vandalised and burned down.

“These folks came to Canada with the hope that they could practise their faith peacefully,” tweeted Mr Kenney, a Conservative. “Some of them are traumatised by such attacks.

READ: Ten churches vandalised in Alberta on Canada Day

But this wasn’t the only immigrant church targeted. Three days later, July 4, 2021, House of Prayer Alliance Church was also purposefully set on fire.

In an interview with the CBC, Pastor Thai Nguyen said:

“I feel sad. I’m not very happy because, you know, we are … from Vietnam, refugees. We come here looking for a new life, with a new church here. We think that we are in [a] good country … but I think that we have to be more careful.”

READ: Fire at southeast Calgary church intentionally set, say police

Are these social justice vandals bullying refugees in an effort to drive them out of Canada as well?

This is in addition to several churches being burned to the ground across Canada over the past few weeks. It appears several were set fire with Molotov cocktails.

Native leaders were quick to condemn these actions, as several of the churches were on Indian land and still being used by members of the local Indian community. According to one report, it was outsiders who set fire to at least one of the churches located on Indian reserves. READ: ‘Temperature rising’: First Nations leaders condemn rash of church fires across Canada

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