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Is the Wuhan lab working for the Chinese military?

With growing evidence, that the COVID virus leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, located in Wuhan, China, COVID’s epicentre, the Daily Mail is reporting that it has received evidence the lab is working on viruses in conjunction with communist China’s military.

The Daily Mail writes:

Scientists studying bat diseases at China‘s maximum-security laboratory in Wuhan were engaged in a massive project to investigate animal viruses alongside leading military officials – despite their denials of any such links.

Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday reveal that a nationwide scheme, directed by a leading state body, was launched nine years ago to discover new viruses and detect the ‘dark matter’ of biology involved in spreading diseases.

One leading Chinese scientist, who published the first genetic sequence of the Covid-19 virus in January last year, found 143 new diseases in the first three years of the project alone.

The fact that such a virus-detection project is led by both civilian and military scientists appears to confirm incendiary claims from the United States alleging collaboration between the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and the country’s 2.1 million-strong armed forces.

READ: Worrying new clues about the origins of Covid: How scientists at Wuhan lab helped Chinese army in secret project to find animal viruses, writes IAN BIRRELL

If this is true, why would the China People’s Liberation Army be interested in finding viruses?

But this military connection may explain why the RCMP is investigating allegations that deadly virus samples were illicitly sent from Canada’s high tech virus lab in Winnipeg, Manitoba to the Wuhan lab.

Here is how one epidemiologist explained what happened in an interview with CBC:

“We have a researcher who was removed by the RCMP from the highest security laboratory that Canada has for reasons that government is unwilling to disclose. The intelligence remains secret. But what we know is that before she was removed, she sent one of the deadliest viruses on Earth, and multiple varieties of it to maximize the genetic diversity and maximize what experimenters in China could do with it, to a laboratory in China that does dangerous gain of function experiments. And that has links to the Chinese military.

READCanadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months before RCMP asked to investigate

But it doesn’t explain why the Canadian and American government are funding the Wuhan lab and aiding the Communist China’s military research. READUS, Canada have funded Chinese lab eyed as likely source of coronavirus outbreak

Or maybe it does, in Canada’s instance, anyway: READCanada Invited Communist China To Come To Country To Participate In Military Exercises: Reports

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