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Watch dog sleeps through armed robbery

Lucky is a Husky and the dog’s owner, who also owns a jewellery store in Thailand, wanted to use Lucky as a guard dog for the store. So, he decided to do a test run to see how well his Husky would do. The fake robbery was caught on a CCTV camera.

A man in a mask showed up at the store with a replica gun, pointed it at the store clerk. Lucky slept through the whole incident, even as the owner, who was hoping for at least a growl, tried to wake up his guard dog.

The Daily Mail explains:

A pet husky proved what a useless guard dog he was – by sleeping through an armed robbery training session at a jewellery store.

Hilarious CCTV footage shows the dog ignoring the gun-wielding ‘robber’ during the simulation in Chiang Ma, Thailand, on February 16.

During the training exercise, a man approached the store counter and pointed a replica automatic handgun at the shop owner.

Worawut Lomwanawong, who owned the shop, waited for the dog named Lucky to spring into life and snarl at the man, who was demanding money at gunpoint.

He kept glancing to his side and whispering under his breath to try and rouse the sleepy dog into action.

READ: Guard dog FAIL: Lucky the Husky SLEEPS through ‘armed robbery’ at his owner’s jewellery store (but at least it was just a training session)

As one commenter noted, no security service in the world uses the good-natured Huskies as patrol dogs.

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