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Is NY Gov Cuomo threatening fellow democrats?

The New York Times is reporting that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now threatening to ruin the careers of another state Democrats if he doesn’t support the besieged Governor who is now being slammed for his mishandling of the COVID pandemic after it was revealed the administration was hiding data on the number of COVID deaths in nursing homes.

The Daily Caller explains:

Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly threatened a New York state assemblyman who has been critical of his coronavirus management.

Democratic Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim angered Cuomo by signing and circulating a letter accusing the governor of obstruction of justice for failing to turn over data on nursing home deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. A Cuomo aide had previously told New York state assembly Democrats that the administration hid the death totals to avoid a Justice Department investigation.

Cuomo called Kim at his home to berate him after hearing about the letter. “He goes off about how I hadn’t seen his wrath and anger, that he would destroy me and he would go out tomorrow and start telling how bad of a person I am and I would be finished,” Kim recounted to the New York Times.

READ: ‘He Would Destroy Me’: New York Lawmaker Says Cuomo Threatened Him, Pressured Him To Lie

New York was one of several Democrat-controlled states that sent COVID patients back to nursing homes and those most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

And how the mighty have fallen. Just a few months ago, Gov. Cuomo was the darling of the Democrat Party having received the Ted Kenney Award for his handling of the COVID crisis. READ: Andrew Cuomo Wins Ted Kennedy Award For Handling Of Coronavirus Pandemic After Policies Killed Thousands In

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