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The new morality: Have you been cancelled yet?

So, have you been cancelled yet? Maybe not you personally, but has someone changed the name of a local school or sports team? Have they removed a statue? Are you offended?

It happened to me. When I was a boy, I went to a school named after a famous man; Frank Oliver. This was an inner city school, and we had our share of big kids who liked to fight.

It didn’t help that a large psychiatric hospital was named after the same man. You can imagine how we were teased, by kids from other schools; and I remember how we defended ourselves. They accused us of being from the other “Oliver.”

There are parts of my childhood that I would like to forget.

The name problem went away a few months ago, when the name “Oliver” was cancelled. Apparently the man “did great harm” and his name could not be used on a public facility. As a government leader, he was involved in decisions to put native people on reserves.

I can’t speak for the right or wrong in the history books, and almost no-one can. Information is hard to find. I know that the man’s real name was Francis Bowsfield, and the other name was made up, for business purposes. In the recent vote, there was no public discussion. A few people on a school board voted and moved on to other business.

So, I am now a graduate of No-Name Academy, until they invent a new “correct” name.

Also, our local football team was known as the “Eskimos” until that name was cancelled. The proper name for those northern people is Inuit, and the old name was cancelled, with no public discussion. So, the Eskies are now the No-Names, until a new and correct name can be invented for us. That “No-Name” thing is a local joke. We don’t expect public consultation in the search for a more correct name. I was working in a small town recently and I passed a house with a flag pole. Someone had the flag of the football team on the pole, at half-mast. I guess they were mourning and protesting the name cancellation.

There are many other examples of cancel culture, and you are probably aware of some near you.

I hope everyone understands, I am not writing this to cancel the cancellations. That would make me part of the problem. Possibly every name change can be justified, and maybe it was time to change the name of my school. The problem is, that we do not make a better world by erasing small things from the history books. And rushing these decisions through small committees does not change the world. The people who were not consulted have not changed, if change is needed.

In my life, I came to the realization that I needed to be cancelled. I needed a new life, with a new direction. My decision to follow Jesus was not a quick vote by a committee, it was my sincere conviction that I needed to be a different person. That boy from Oliver school was growing into a man, and I did not want to be that man. It was easy to look at my school mates and to judge them, but change came into my life when I judged myself. I believe the finger of God was pointed at me, not at the sign in front of my school.

“Cancel” decisions give a sense of change and improvement, but I believe that the real change needs to be inside each person. Cancel Culture is popular culture, and it will happen. We can fly a flag at half-mast in the back yard, but a new generation will make name changes and remove statues.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) and we are in a phase of history. I hope the new generation will look deeper, and see the personal need to find our creator, and to be made into someone new.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!” (Psalm 139: 23 and 24)

I voted for that cancellation, in me, and I recommend that decision for everyone.

So, have you been cancelled yet?

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  1. nikki brinson says

    I have been canceled. I am 44 years old and I graduated 2019 got a job a a hospital. Then it started again. I was harassed until I quit. I got another home 2 hours and 30 min in another direction and then I it happened again. I was harassed until I quit. Finally, i gave up because I felt helpless and just took a job at a temp agency. I was placed in a job where I was harassed daily. I even had a co worker come up and say,”If I were you I would kill myself.” I was shocked that the environment that we worked in gave hi the freedom to say that to me. Then an employee tried to run me over in the parking lot! Yup, that happened. When I complained and told the guy he was making me highly scared and uncomfortable; I was sent a text and told I was no longer needed.

    You see the thing is it has took me some time to figure out; why I was being treated this way. It stems from a 2016 conversation I had with my best friend on the phone. A friend of more than 10 years. She was recording our conversations. I believe she posted these on a social media platform. I don’t even remember some of the crap I said! I mean, I told her things I would never tell anyone else! I thought she was my friend. I have never betrayed any loyalty to her and she has told me some pretty crazy things. This has made me the the town no the state black sheep!

    I finally decided to get back out there and find a job with my degree. I gave it my all and anded a great opportunity at Duke University Hospital!!! I was so excited! I was going to give up my home and move my family there. Well, my first day was horrible! They let me know that I was not welcomed and treated me accordingly! They even implied that I was a Trump supporter! Okay now they were really tripping!!! I am a democrat and a hard supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris! That shit came out of left field!!! Are they just making crap up now or what? Anyway, that was the first day and the last! I left in tears and cried all night in my hotel! I cried all the way home on the 6 hour drive. I am not going to lie. I am a very strong person but it has given me thoughts of suicide. I am a black woman that has been through a lot that’s why I returned to school for a better life for my children. Soon I won’t be able to pay my bills because I can’t find work. I am so tried and stressed! I have a past being a young women whom made mistakes and paid for them.


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