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Hippos overrunning South America?

If you thought wild Hippopotamuses were only found in Africa, think again. Hippos are starting to overrun parts of South America, particularly Colombia and are now considered among the world’s most invasive species.

Apparently, 3 female hippos and one male were brought to Colombia by then South American drug Lord, Pablo Escobar. After Escobar was killed in a shoot out with police in 1993, with no natural predators the hippo population has gone feral and is flourishing.

The Daily Mail explains:

Hippos once owned by Pablo Escobar in his Colombian private zoo have become one of the world’s worst invasive species that could launch deadly attacks on humans, scientists have warned.

Hacienda Napoles, the feared drug lord’s lush sprawling palace, was home to illegally imported kangaroos, giraffes, elephants and other exotic animals as he established the world’s biggest cocaine empire in the 1980s.

But one of the zoo’s prized specimens is now flourishing in the tropical theme park as a group of scientists is calling to cull the huge animals whose population is set to reach 1,500 by 2035 if nothing is done.

READ: Pablo Escobar’s hippos ‘have become one of the world’s worst invasive species, with their population set to hit 1,500 by 2035 and the animals likely to start attacking humans’

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