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COVID immunity last for months, study

A recent study by Oxford University concluded that if a person had previously caught the coronavirus, a person’s immunity to the virus could last for months. This is great news, because the only way this pandemic will be reined in is if enough people gain an immunity through either catching the virus or receiving a vaccination. It is referred to as herd immunity.

Writing for The Blaze, Daniel Horowitz explains:

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine by U.K. scientists tracked antibody levels of 12,541 health care workers in Oxford University hospitals for six months. A total of 1,265 tested positive for antibodies at some point during the study period, of which 68% recall having had symptoms associated with SARS-CoV-2. They specifically observed the period of the second wave of infection to see if health care workers, who are disproportionately exposed to the virus relative to other people, would be re-infected.

The result? Not a single symptomatic reinfection and just two people who had previously tested positive for antibodies wound up testing positive via PCR testing for a presumed asymptomatic reinfection.

The important fact to remember is that immunity does not necessarily mean one cannot have the presence of the virus detected in his body thereafter. What it usually means is that one who is infected, particularly if one had at least a moderate case of it, will not suffer meaningful or serious symptoms from a reinfection.

Notice how Horowitz said that even if we receive the vaccination, it is still possible to catch COVID. But the immunity prevents people from getting sick, and he cited examples of those who had been vaccinated, later tested positive for COVID, but had no or minimal symptoms.

READ: Horowitz: New studies show robust immunity among health care workers from COVID reinfection six months after infection

Concerning herd immunity, a study by the University of Minnesota concluded that between 60% to 70% of the people have to gain an immunity to the virus either through catching COVID or vaccination for the pandemic to stop. READ: Coronavirus pandemic won’t be controlled until two-thirds of the population has immunity: experts

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