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More evidence COVID leaked out of Wuhan lab

There has been a lot of speculation on whether COVID-19 leaked out of Communist China’s only Level 4 virus lab located in Wuhan called the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Of course, the Communist regime and others have repeatedly denied this accusation. Now a new report suggests there is growing evidence the lab was the source.

Remember, it was a scientist at South China University of Technology who first suggested that “The killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.” READ: The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus AND: Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe killer disease may have begun in research facility 300 yards from the Wuhan wet fish market

The Daily Caller provides more information on the latest report:

For months, scientists and public health experts have assured the public the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t originate from a lab in Wuhan. A new investigative essay in New York Magazine’s Intelligencer brings to light a shocking number of discoveries that cast those assertions in doubt. 

According to Intelligencer, lab accidents are more common than people think and scientists had previously warned that this type of pandemic could very realistically result from one. “More than 1,100 laboratory incidents involving bacteria, viruses and toxins that pose significant or bioterror risks to people and agriculture were reported to federal regulators during 2008 through 2012,” according to a USA Today report. […]

A number of scientists in addition to the previously mentioned Chinese and Taiwanese researchers had suspicions of a lab-leak early in the pandemic, but were reportedly pressured not to raise too much alarm about the possibility.

The Daily Caller also pointed out this warning from 2018:

A leaked 2018 State Department memo obtained by the Washington Post alleged that the lab [Wuhan Institute of Virology] had “a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.” The memo said the lab needed more help from the U.S. to do the dangerous work they were trying.

Much more in this article. Definitely worth a read. READ: Did Coronavirus Come From A Lab? Ten Key Takeaways From A Shocking New Report

And this is not the first time something deadly has leaked in the Communist regime. READ: 6,000+ People Infected from Chinese Vaccine Factory Leak

And of course, this was just a coincidence. READ: Where IS the Wuhan virus researcher who was named as Patient Zero? And why WERE road blocks placed around the lab where she worked last October? Top US body asks explosive questions on the origin of coronavirus

We know that the coronavirus originated from bats and the director of the Wuhan lab made this admission last year on China’s public TV. Of course, he insisted that the lab did not have the particular version of the coronavirus that swept the world. READ: Infamous Wuhan lab admits having three live strains of bat coronavirus on-site

And should we be concerned about this story out of Canada? READ: Canadian scientist sent deadly viruses to Wuhan lab months before RCMP asked to investigate

And what is equally disturbing is that the Canadian and US governments have actually helped fund that Wuhan lab. READ: US, Canada have funded Chinese lab eyed as likely source of coronavirus outbreak

POSSIBLY RELATED, Breitbart reports on what just happened to a group sent to China to investigate the possible origins of the virus:

World Health Organization (W.H.O.) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Tuesday he was “very disappointed” in China’s refusal to grant access for a ten-member team of experts to investigate the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus, even though China previously agreed to the mission and several of the members are already in transit.

READ: W.H.O. Chief ‘Very Disappointed’ in China for Blocking Year-Late Coronavirus Probe

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