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How much is a solar farm worth these days?

Cleaning dust off solar panels.

So, how much is a slightly used solar farm worth these days? Well first we need to find out how much it actually cost?

It was build in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada in 2014 and its original price tag was $9 million. But it was a government project with costs equally paid by the federal government, the city of Medicine Hat and the Alberta government’s carbon tax fund that plunders large emitters in that province.

So, no one was surprised when the bill skyrocketed to $13 million. That nearly 50% cost overrun was picked up solely by the city (total city bill $7 million).

But remember though there were three levels of government involved, there is only ONE taxpayer.

Well unfortunately, people need electricity all the time. So things like, night, dirt/dust, snow, rain, frost, clouds are always a problem as they hinder the efficiency of solar projects. In the winter, when electricity demand is high, there is not only less sunlight and less intense sunlight, but lots of snow and frost. And Canada has long winters.

Most government propaganda on these projects will typically state that this project will provide…. for as many as 1,000 homes.

They always do a sales job telling us the max it can do.

Well, it can do that provided there is no “night, dirt/dust, snow, rain, frost, and clouds.”

So the project failed and of course, the city of Medicine Hat tried to sell it? So guess how much a $13 million solar project is worth these days?


Nobody wanted it. And as an added bonus, taxpayers are footing the bill to dismantle it and sell it for scrap.

READ: City solar thermal project demolished, scrapped

Here is a tweet on the solar farm:

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