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More government ‘mask’ hypocrisy

More from the “do as I say, not as I do” file. One of the responsibilities of New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) is to hand out fines to restaurants that are violating COVID regulations. And they have been doing it with a passion imposing tens of thousands of dollars in fines on restaurants already struggling to survive the pandemic lockdown. READ: Over half of NY restaurants face closure without COVID-19 bailout

In some instances, the SLA has even closed restaurants after suspending liquor licenses over COVID regulation violations. The Times Union explains what happened during one meeting as the board met to impose its latest batch of Covid fines:

In the meeting, streamed live online, SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley and commissioners Lily Fan and Greeley Ford are seated at tables with distance between them. They do not have masks on as the board progresses rapidly with assessing fines. At one point, a staff member enters, not wearing a face covering, and hands papers to Ford. Also not in a mask, Ford stands to accept them as both reach behind the head of an unmasked Bradley.

After Ford resumes his seat, the board continues approving fines against bars and restaurants for various violations identified during recent compliance checks, often taking just a few seconds, with only minimal discussion, per decision. In just the 10 minutes or so following the exchange between Ford and the maskless staffer, the board imposes penalties totaling tens of thousands of dollars, with a meeting participant saying of one licensee being given a $1,500 fine, “Employees with no masks.”

For more on the sordid hypocrisy READ: While imposing fines for no masks, SLA board violates mask rules

And if these lockdown regulations and fines weren’t problems enough for New York restaurants. READ: Black Lives Matter Protesters Riot in Rochester, Harass Restaurant Patrons

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  1. Recently authorities have asked people to snitch on anyone ignoring Covid rules. Perhaps we should focus attention on the elite hypocrites who make the rules, enforce them on others but ignore them themselves.


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