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Twitter slammed for its hypocrisy

Several have slammed Twitter for flagging a tweet of US President Donald Trump for promoting a video of medical doctors talking about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine as a Covid treatment, while allowing Iran’s Ayatollah to call for a Jewish genocide.

The Daily Mail explains:

Twitter has been slammed for its double standards for flagging posts by Donald Trump while Iran‘s Ayatollah can call for ‘genocide’ of the Israeli people.

The social media giants says the dictator’s anti-Semitic tweets calling Israel a ‘cancerous growth’ pass as ‘commentary on political issues of the day’, while President Trump’s tweets ‘could inspire harm’. 

During a Knesset hearing on antisemitism in social media Wednesday, human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky questioned why the President’s tweets were flagged but not those of Ayatollah Khamenei, who  ‘literally called for the genocide of Israel and the Jewish people’. 

READ: Twitter is slammed for flagging Donald Trump’s tweets on hydroxy because they ‘could inspire harm’ while allowing Iran’s Ayatollah to call for ‘genocide in Israel’ because it is ‘commentary’

Apparently, the President’s recommendation of a commonly used malaria drug as a Covid cure was more lethal than Iran’s call for the genocide of the Jewish people.

Fox News weighed in on the controversy as well pointing to several of the Ayatollah’s tweets:

Khamenei has several tweets on his profile that call for the “elimination” of Israel, or “Zionist regime.” In a May 21 tweet, he wrote, “The only remedy until the removal of the Zionist regime is firm, armed resistance.” […]

Khamenei’s tweets call Israel “cancerous,” saying it will be “undoubtedly uprooted and destroyed,” and say Iran will “support and assist any group anywhere who opposes and fights the Zionist regime.”

No lethal threats to Jews in those tweets apparently.

READ: Twitter defends not blocking Iran leader’s tweets after blocking Trump’s

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And it’s not just Twitter.

The America Family Association (AFA), a Christian organization, alleges that a Facebook censor said death threats against AFA posted on Facebook were within the social media giant’s terms of service. The courts, however, had a different take on the threats and sentenced the man to a six-month jail term. READ: Florida man sentenced for threats against Christian organization on Facebook, tech giant ignored posts

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