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Is deodorant the next tool in the fight against COVID?

A cute tweet by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Berlin’s Transportation System, reveals that deodorant or should I say the lack of deodorant may be the next tool used in the fight to combat COVID.

It’s mandatory to wear a mask when using Berlin subways and buses and apparently people are not going along with this. As a result, BVG sent out a tweet telling Berliners to not wear deodorant to force people to wear masks.

The Daily Mail explains why they don’t just enforce the rule:

Wolfgang Bremer, a freelance designer, tweeted: ‘Well it would be even better if the inspectors and the regulatory office intervened for those without a mask and the under-nose mask wearers. Can’t you really do anything?’

To which Maria Winter, a historian, replied: ‘Often they don’t wear them themselves.’

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) created the humorous safety notice in the hope that customers will be so overpowered by the smell of others' that they will reach for their masks

READ: Commuters are told ‘don’t wear deodorant’ in a bid to force fellow passengers to wear coronavirus facemasks on Berlin’s public transport

And when Gov. Gavin Newsom told Californians not to participate in July 4th celebrations, they responded with this:

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