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Businesses bailing out of Seattle

With a city council and Mayor seemingly unwilling to control the left-wing radicals in their city, businesses are announcing they will be leaving Seattle. The latest is a clothing store owned by Joey Rodolfo. In an interview with Fox News, he described the city as leaderless.

He told Fox News:

“I will tell you what’s currently happening in Seattle. “We have people in leadership positions where we have no leader.

“We have seen this happen in the private sector and you know what eventually happens without leadership right? Companies usually die in the private sector.

“In fact, most of the attention has been focused on CHOP, making sure that people in CHOP are well taken care of, but there has been absolutely no support or no encouragement for us to reopen our stores and have any significant sense that there will be a future here if we were to keep our businesses in Seattle or the state of Washington.”

READ: Seattle business owner says he plans to move due to lack of leadership and ‘socialist’ city council

Rodolfo was not the first to announce he was leaving Seattle. READ: Billion-dollar investment firm leaving Seattle amid ‘unrest’

Seattle is not the first city to have businesses announce they are leaving after the riots.

A Minneapolis manufacturer announced he will be relocating his business outside Minneapolis after watching it burn to the ground during the recent rioting as firefighters stood by and did nothing: READ: IT BEGINS: Rioters Burned Down Minneapolis Manufacturer. Now They’re Relocating, Taking Jobs With Them

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