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Areas with totalitarian views more susceptible to COVID?

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but yesterday (May 25, 2020) famed University of Toronto Psychologist Jordan Peterson discussed a PLOS ONE study undertaken early last year, before the COVID pandemic hit, that discovered the more totalitarian opinions an area had, the more susceptible it was to a pandemic.

Peterson writes:

The correlation between the prevalence of infectious disease in a locale and the degree to which authoritarian beliefs were held in that locale was about .7. It’s like, you never see that in the social sciences. That’s higher than the correlation between IQ and grades, which is about as good as we ever get in terms of prediction.

This study would explain why a Communist country like China was the source of the pandemic.

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But here is the coincidence, on the same day the New York Times also published a stunning, almost unbelievable article, that Democratic US states (run by Democratic governors) were harder hit by the coronavirus pandemic than Republican states (run by Republican governors).

Of course, the democratic governors tended to be more tyrannical with extreme, longer and some would say bizarre stay-at-home orders than Republican states.

READ: The coronavirus is deadliest where democrats live NOTE: the New York Time’s article requires an account to read, but popular YouTuber Tim Poole discusses it in the video at the beginning of this post.

Is it just a coincidence that these two articles appeared on the same day or is God trying to tell us something? Totalitarianism doesn’t work.

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