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From darling to villain: The Michael Moore story

Michael Moore, a left-wing filmmaker, has been the darling of the environmental movement for several years, but that all changed on April 21, 2020.

That is the day he released a video called the “Planet of the Humans” where he exposed the hypocrisy of renewable energy. And to be sure its release the day before Earth Day was not a coincidence.

He says renewable energy has a big dark secret, it is actually causing more problems than it is solving. The documentary exposes the green renewables (solar and wind) as little more than a scam. He targets Al Gore and others who have made millions off the green movement.

Breitbart describes the movie this way:

“Like most Moore projects, it targets corporate greed and hypocrisy. But this time, the greed and hypocrisy it targets are on the environmentalist left.”

The film, directed by Jeff Gibbs, exposes the solar and wind energy industries as scams that pretend to be saving the planet from climate change while consuming more fossil fuels than they save, and causing ecological damage.

READ: Michael Moore-backed ‘Planet of the Humans’ Takes Apart the Left’s Green Energy Scams

There is lots to disagree with in the video as Moore still blames everything on bad humans. He is still convinced that climate change is man-made, but his expose of the renewable green movement has caused an outrage among the environmental left who are calling for the video, that has been viewed four million times, to be banned.

I wouldn’t be all that shocked if some at YouTube are considering it.

And of course, climate scientists, many whose hands are deep in the taxpayers’ pockets, are adding their voices to the outrage.

While agreeing with Moore’s basic premise, the news clip below takes a more critical look at the video, saying that things are much worse than even Moore suggests:

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