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Lauren Daigle, a story of God’s calling and anointing?

Lauren Daigle singing at Winter Jam in Columbus, Ohio in 2016 Credit: Caleb Cook/Flickr/Creative

Lauren Daigle singing at Winter Jam in Columbus, Ohio in 2016 Credit: Caleb Cook/Flickr/Creative Commons

I was reading an interesting article on the sudden rise of Christian singer Lauren Daigle, 27. If you have watched American Idol over the past few years, you may already have heard of her as she was a participant.

Today she has a successful career as a Gospel singer. But in September 2018, Lauren caught many by surprise when her song “Look Up Child” suddenly took off coming in third on the Billboard 200, a secular chart.

This put her behind Paul McCartney and Eminem, but ahead of superstars Niki Minaji, Drake and Ariana Grande.

Of course her song dominated the Christian Billboard charts, but coming in near the top on a secular chart suggested her Christian-themed music was spilling over into the secular market.

In an interview with the Associated Press (AP), Lauren said that one of the goals of her music team has been to “extend the tent pegs.”

This is a reference to a verse out of Isaiah, where the prophet gave a word to the barren women to start singing with joy because God was going to bring increase. He told the women to prepare their tents for expansion:

“Enlarge the place of your tent,
    stretch your tent curtains wide,
    do not hold back;
lengthen your cords,
    strengthen your stakes. (Isaiah 53:4 NIV)

Lauren claimed this verse for her music to expand into the secular market. She told AP:

“[I wanted to bring] elements where people who weren’t necessarily church people or Christians, or whatever the title is, who don’t really dive into that kind of music can hear something and it is compelling enough and it is strong enough to where they are drawn in and feel welcome and invited.”

But there is more to her story. In an interview with Fox News, Lauren spoke about God calling her to music. That took place when she was 15 and bedridden due to an illness that caused her to spend hours sleeping. During this period, God gave her “dreams and visions” about a future in singing.

She told Fox News:

“I had all of these dreams and visions that were coming to me, and I knew it was God telling me I could do this.”

Though Lauren had been singing since a young girl, she had never considered taking it any further. This vision sparked her to pursue music with a purpose. Two years later, Lauren made her first appearance on American Idol.

God does choose people for these type of ministries. I have written in the past of prophetic words given to actors Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington that God had destined them for great things.  And these prophecies were given to these two men, before they had any inkling of an acting career.

Not only does God call people, but along with this the Holy Spirit also anoints.

The anointing of God is an important part of the Christian faith. The concept of anointing actually came from shepherds who would anoint the heads of the sheep with oil. Their flocks were plagued by insects that would climb up the wool and bury into their sheep’s ears eventually killing them. The shepherds prevented this from happening by anointing the sheep’s head with oil, making the wool to slippery for the insects to crawl up.

So initially the oil was looked upon as protective and empowering and the anointing oil became symbolic of God’s Holy Spirit coming upon people for specific tasks. They were consecrated or set apart for a specific task. Prophets and kings were anointed. But it wasn’t just leadership roles that received an anointing, people were also anointed for building and singing.

This anointing expanded their abilities. We read of what God did for a craftsmen named Bezalel:

“I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom, in understanding, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship… (Exodus 31:3 NASV)

So has God anointed Lauren?

It could be argued that she displays unique ability and her talent has carried her to the success she is enjoying today. And certainly that is true, she is talented.

But an article in The New Yorker reveals an odd anomaly taking place in the music world. Author Kelefa Sanneh noted:

“And yet, even now, Christian rock is all around us. On Billboard’s list of the twenty most popular rock songs of 2017, fully half of them were by bands whose members have espoused the Christian faith.”

“Fully half” the rock hits in 2017 involved Christian musicians and singers. With music becoming such a dominate force in our culture, God obviously wants to use it to reach the next generation.

But are these believers anointed?

It seems to me that the number of Christians involved in hit songs in 2017 is a bit disproportionate.

More importantly this anointing is available to all of us who believe:

20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and you all know. (1 John 2:20 NASV)

Do you believe that?


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