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Revival breaking out at Fort Leonard Wood army base may be more significant than we realize

The chapel of Fort Leonard Army Base in North Carolina Credit: Marti Yoshida/Wikipedia/Public Domain

The chapel at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base in Missouri Credit: Marti Yoshida/Wikipedia/Public Domain

According to reports, a mini revival has broken out at Fort Leonard Wood army base in Missouri. Actually, it many need to be upgraded from mini for one very interesting reason.

According to the base’s army chaplain, Jose Rondon, since March this year, nearly 2,000 soldiers have accepted Christ. Posting on Facebook, Rondon wrote:

“Today, 380 soldiers came to salvation in Christ once and for all. Thanks CH Cech for the excellent, clear, and powerful messages during the 3 services. Since March 11, 2018, we have seen 1,839 soldiers come to Christ. God’s doing an unbelievable work through our military at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. May God bring the same powerful conviction of sin and love for Him that we are experiencing at Main Post Chapel throughout our Nation and His world.”

In a posting on July 29, Rondon wrote how 44 soldiers gave their lives to Christ during a chapel service. The Holy Spirit is obviously moving on this army base and in an interview with the Baptist Press, Rondon said that the reason so many soldiers are being saved is that the chaplains are clearly and simply presenting the Gospel.

It’s an interesting development considering what is happening on other US military bases.

According to CBN, a group of atheists are calling on the US defense department to investigate Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert, commander of California’s Edwards Air Force Base. They are accusing Teichert of proselytizing because he posts Christian materials and links to Christian articles on his “personal” website  The group also alleges it has received over 40 complaints about the highly decorated Teichert from base personnel.

Which makes the revival on Fort Leonard Army base all that more significant.

With a population of about 21,000 including 6,000 active soldiers, 12,000 family and 3,000 civilians, Fort Leonard Wood is not a huge military base.

But here is the key difference.

It serves as a training base for many branches of the military. Each year, about 90,000 soldiers go through boot camp at the 61,000 acre base. They undoubtedly would be some of the same people who God is moving on and when they are transferred to other bases they would take the gospel and their testimony with them.

When Jesus rode a donkey on His last trip into Jerusalem, the crowds were crying out “Hosanna.” Some Pharisees called for Jesus to quiet the crowd.  Jesus responded if they kept quiet then, the rocks would cry out (Luke 19:28-40).  Simply interpreted, if people managed to intimidate Christians into silence, God would find other ways to get the message out.

Many times God positions revivals that have the potential to spread out and impact hundreds of thousands of people far beyond the numbers initially affected by the revival.

In the Book of Acts, the Holy Spirit fell during Shavuot otherwise called the Feast of Weeks or Feast of Pentecost when tens of thousands of people were in Jerusalem. Impacted by the Holy spirit, they would take the message of Christ back to their communities when they returned home. Luke lists 16 countries that he specifically knew people were from (Acts 2:8-11) who were undoubtedly among the 3,000 people who accepted Christ that day.

The same thing happened when the Holy Spirit fell in 1994 on a church in Toronto, Canada. The church, located near Toronto’s major airport, was renamed Airport Christian Fellowship. And because of easy access, tens thousands of people from around the world visited the church and were impacted by the Toronto Blessing. In fact, at one point the revival was named the city’s greatest tourist attraction.

So don’t downplay a revival breaking out at a small army base in Missouri.


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