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Christian Rapper tops the US Billboard chart in October

NF (rapper) Credit: YouTube Capture/Napster

NF (rapper) Credit: YouTube Capture/Napster

Going by the stage name NF, Nathan John Feuerstein, 26, is a Christian rapper and hip-hop artist who topped the Billboard Chart in October. For an entire week, his album, Perception, was the top selling album in America, Christian or secular.

Since his debut in 2010, Nathan has released four albums. His first entitled Moments was released in 2012 under the name Nathan Feuerstein. Since then, he has released three more albums under the stage-name NF that included Mansion in 2015.

He released Therapy Session in 2016 which won a Dove Award for top hip hop album of the year. It was also the top-selling Christian Album and top US rap album in 2016 and overall it was the 12th best-selling album in the US that year.

A song from the album, “Oh Lord,” (which you can hear below) won the 2017 Dove Award for top Hip Hop song. It has had quite an impact. Here is just a sampling of the YouTube comments from the song:

It’s Just Kayla
This song pushes me to tears each time I listen to it. I was just delivered from the hardest part of my life but my the grace of God. I pour out my heart for all the lost each day I’m still alive.

Prince Julius
I just survived a major car crash. I’m thankful God kept me another day alive. This song calms me in a moment of pain and anguish. It’s true you never know when it’s your time. God is always working behind scenes to keep you alive and we don’t even notice. Keep me in prayer still recovering. I know got kept me here for his Major bigger plan. Amen.

I’m not Christian, in fact I’m an agnostic but I love his Music and I love this song because he’s so passionate about what he believes in.

Chuck Stone
NF has helped me so much its so weird how with just a couple of versus i feel better. He helps a lot of people emotionally like me. Thank you NF i love you man

NF’s most recent album, Perception, was released on Oct 6, 2017.

Though Nathan is very open about his faith, he does not consider himself a Christian rapper. In an article on Idolator he said, “If you’re a Christian and you’re a plumber, are you a Christian plumber?”

His music is intended for all audiences, but often contains Christian themes such as:

“I don’t live for the world, I live for the king. I live for the king.”

But he also admits though a Christian, he is not perfect.

YouTube Comment: Matt Supertramp
I’m not religious but I love this music. Maybe I’m wrong…maybe there is someone watching over us. I’m going through a hard time and NF is helping me get through it.

Nathan was raised by his father, after his parent’s divorced. His mother died from an overdose in 2009 and Nathan sang about her death in his song “How Could You Leave Us” on his album Therapy Sessions.

In an interview with hiphopdx, he described the song as one of the most difficult he has ever written. Nathan bawled his eyes out in the studio and finally just asked the producer to leave as he continued to speak over the track.

With a growing fan base and appreciation of his music, Nathan’s songs have been featured on a several TV programs including NBC’s Chicago P.D. and Fox’s Empire. One of his songs, Intro, is also on Madden NFL, a digital video game.

YouTube Comment: GiantsA7X38
Haven’t prayed in 3 years. Heard this song on pandora and been praying everyday since.

Nathan became involved in music after attending a fine arts festival sponsored by Connection Church in Canton, Michigan. The church is very active in the creative arts ministry. On its website, the church describes its arts ministry:

The Creative Arts team is a community of artists who are called to worship God, serve the body, and share what God has done for us.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” -1 Peter 4:10



  1. Jenny Brown says

    To me he was very inspiring and Motivational. I love the lyrics of the songs and how strong they are! Congrats to you NF!! First time I heard a song on Pandora I thought it was Eminem. You’re truly amazing and blessed!!


  2. Jenny Brown says

    Hes created a new style of rap that’s realist and people actual have actually liveed through. Great job!! Thank you!!


  3. Gabrielle littleton says

    thank you NF for showing what it means to be a christian. i am a christian as well and i went through tough times. but i am still alive and well.


    • Life can be a struggle and as Christians we need to toughen up a bit. Life was not easy for those in the early church, they had to push through very difficult and even dangerous times. It is good to see you pushing through your difficulties. It is an important message. God Bless.


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