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Cracks in the evolutionary foundation

The complexity of a simple little multi-winged dragonfly that can reach speeds of 60 miles an hour (97 km) Credit: Wayne Hodgkinson/Flickr/Creative Commons

The complexity of a simple little multi-winged dragonfly that can reach speeds of 60 miles an hour (97 km), their souped up eyes that can potentially see up to ten times more color variants than humans and the fact it creates a basket with its legs to catch its prey defies evolution. Credit: Wayne Hodgkinson/Flickr/Creative Commons

In the Book of Romans, the Apostle Paul makes a very audacious statement. He says in the end people will be without excuse about their belief in God because of creation.

20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. (Romans 1:20 NASV)

It is interesting because I have run into Christians who are having doubts about their faith because of the theory of evolution. At times, it has caused them to question the Bible and God

However, aside from the massive gaps in the fossil record that don’t show the gradual evolution of life, science has never explained how living, breathing and consuming life first sprang from non organic material.

These gaps are a huge problem.

In an article published in Evolution, the late Oklahoma University paleontologist David B. Kitts wrote there are “some nasty difficulties for evolutionists, the most notorious of which is the presence of ‘gaps’ in the fossil record. Evolution requires intermediate forms between species, and paleontology does not provide them.”

According to the Apostle Paul, in the end man will be without excuse. Translated this means that despite what evolutionary scientists are saying and writing in text books, they must be having some doubts about the theory of evolution.

They may not express them publicly, but as they look at the complexity of creation, they realize this could not have happened by chance.

Recently one respected scientist was honest about the doubts he has been having.

Gerd B. Müller, a professor at the University of Vienna in Austria, is considered an expert in evolutionary biology. He recently wrote an article for the Royal Society Publishing that exposed questions many scientists are having about the theory of evolution.

Now don’t get me wrong, Müller doesn’t reject evolution, but he said it needs a major rethink because of recent discoveries that are resulting in “a growing number of challenges to the classical model of evolution.”

One of the concerns that he mentioned is that genetic mutation cannot explain the diversity in life we have on the world today.

There are other problems that he didn’t specifically cite. Maybe I can list a few of them – finding non fossilized organic material inside dinosaur bones said to be 75 million to 100 million years old.

Finding footsteps embedded in rock that is older than the apes they were supposed to evolve from.

Or the well documented Cambrian explosion where fully developed animals suddenly appear in the rock with no evolutionary trail behind them. In a debate on evolution and creation, Blair Scott a communications expert with the American Atheist society stated:

“[I]f I take the Cambrian Explosion, on its own, the logical conclusion I would draw is, ‘Wow! It was created’.”

In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, University of Pittsburgh anthropologist Jeffrey Schwartz stated he no longer believes in “gradualism.” It is the cornerstone of evolutionary theory that animals gradually changed and evolved over millions of years.

Schwartz said there should be thousands of animals in different stages of evolution, but they don’t exist. He added that the eye is so complicated that the sheer number of evolutionary changes it requires “defies logic.”

These are just some of the problems facing the theory of evolution.

As a result, Müller said articles in several scientific publications are stating there needs to be “a major revision or even a replacement of the standard theory of evolution.”

He adds that these opinions “cannot be dismissed as a minority view but rather is a widespread feeling among scientists and philosophers alike.”

“Widespread feeling” doesn’t sound like the odd person having a problem and we see some of these doubts being expressed in unusual ways.

University of Manchester Physicist professor Brian Cox is a popular media personality in England. In a documentary he hosted entitled the “Human Universe,” Cox stated he doesn’t believe in aliens because the start of life and evolution was such an impossible feat that he did not believe it could happen twice.

If this is what some are saying publicly, what are the rest thinking when no one is around?

In the end, the Apostle Paul says man will be without excuse.


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