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Is Jesus the slave of Allah?

The Muslim Qur'an written several centuries after the Bible states that Jesus never died on the cross. Photo: Katrine Kaarsemaker/Flickr/Creative Commons

The Muslim Qur’an written several centuries after the Bible states that Jesus never died on the cross. Photo: Katrine Kaarsemaker/Flickr/Creative Commons

ISIS puts out quarterly Arabic magazine called Dabiq. Also available in English, in its  latest issue ISIS reveals the stark contrast that Muslims have in their concept of God with Christians.

In its publication entitled “Break the Cross,” ISIS tells the world that Jesus is “the slave of Allah.” It was part of the overall theme of the magazine attacking Christianity and particularly our concept of Jesus.

The Muslim Qur’an speaks a lot about Jesus and even Jesus’ mother Mary has more verses dedicated to her than the prophet Muhammad.

According to the Qur’an, Jesus is considered a prophet of Allah (Surah 2:136) and one who performed miracles including raising the dead and healing the sick (Surah 3:49). Many Muslims look upon Jesus as the healing prophet.

Muslims do not believe Jesus is God or even the Son of God (Surah 19:88-92) because in their thinking the latter meant God had sex with Mary. Of course, the Bible does not say that. The Holy Spirit conceived Jesus supernaturally and even Mary was shocked by her pregnancy (Luke 1:30-34).

While the Bible says that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, the Qur’an states the Romans deceived the early Christians into thinking they had crucified Christ, but at the last minute replaced the Lord with another man.

The Qur’an states that Jesus then went to heaven without dying (Surah 4:157-158).

But one of the telling differences between Christianity and Islam is their belief that Jesus, along with all Muslims, are “slaves” of Allah. They conceive of Allah as their master and owner.

The article quotes Ja’far, a cousin of Muhammad, who says:

“We say about him [Jesus] like our prophet taught us … that he is the slave of Allah…”

According to the writers of the Gospels, Jesus considered Himself the son of God. He looked upon Jehovah as His Heavenly Father calling Him “Abba” —  the Aramaic equivalent of “my father” (Mark 14:36).

Muhammad (570 AD – 632 AD) wrote the Qur’an five centuries after the early disciples wrote the New Testament. According to Islamic belief, Allah deals with Muslims like a typical slave master — anyway he wants.

This may explain why Islamic extremists so easily treat their fellow Muslims and Christians with such brutality.

However, the Bible tells us that not only was Jesus the son of God, but all those who believe in Christ are adopted into God’s family. Our relationship with God is based on us being the children of a loving Heavenly Father — not slaves.

The Bible summarizes the Muslim slave-Abba dispute in one simple verse:

15 For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!” (Romans 8:15 NASV)

It was this very issue that caused a former Muslim imam living in India, Mario Joseph, to reject Islam and become a Christian. In the stirring testimony of his conversion, Joseph states the Qur’an’s numerous references to Christ played a key role in him becoming a Christian. In the end, he desired a relationship with a Heavenly Father who loved him and this was only available through Christ.

Because Jesus went to heaven without dying (Surah 4:157-158), as part of their end-times eschatology, Muslims believe Christ will return along with their Muslim messiah (called mahdi) to set up a world-wide Islamic state.

The article writes:

“The true religion of Jesus Christ is a pure monotheistic submission — called Islam … when he returns in the final days, the Messiah will adhere to the law of Muhammad and wage jihad for the cause of Allah.”

The ISIS writer also accused the Gospel writers (who were eye witnesses to Christ’s ministry) and the Apostle Paul of distorting Jesus’ calling.



  1. Henry Legiehn says

    Well this theory is a new to me, as I understood that the (so called prophed)Mohammed got his inspiration and initative out of the Old Testament, Genesis 21
    and 24. Pls. correct me if I am wrong. pls. correct me if I am wrong.
    Your brother in Christ. hl.


    • Thanks for your comment Henry. From what I have read a lot of it comes from a rewrite and reinterpretation of the Bible. For example, instead of Abraham planning to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22), the Qur’an has it as Ishmael. But there are also sections about Jesus and it adds in stories about Jesus’ childhood not included in the Gospels. But I don’t claim to be an expert on the Qur’an. The small parts I have read dealt with Islam theology.


    • Beloved Muslims
      Research the fact that -There are No Reports Ever- from anyone returning from Near Death Experiences ever seeing Allah or Mohamed…None ! …None …None …None


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