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A creature from the abyss?

Did John see this creature pouring out of the abyss in the Book of Revelation. Photo: Youtube Capture/The Watchers/L.A. Marzulli

Did John see this creature pouring out of the abyss in the Book of Revelation? Photo: Youtube Capture/The Watchers/L.A. Marzulli

The discovery of an odd-looking whale on the beach of  a small cove in Alaska in July is now confirmed to be an unknown, and yet unnamed, species of a black beak whale. Beak whales are normally light. Reports of similar looking whales off the coast of Japan in 2013 are thought to be from the same species. Its reclusive behaviour and dark colour allowed it to escape notice until recently.

But it is not the only odd-looking animal found. Another one discovered in Mexico a few years back may even have apocalyptic overtones. A 13-year-old Mexican boy discovered the tiny creäture (seen above) dead by side of the road when the car he was in pulled over so the boy could relieve himself.

It is bizarre looking with an almost human like face. Complete with wings, some believe it has an appearance of a locust.

The creature was eventually handed over to a Mexican investigative journalist Jaime Maussan who turned it over to a laboratory for examination where it was x-rayed revealing a skeleton. DNA tests at that time could not find a match among other animals in the library they used.

From the image below, it also appears to have a stinger on its tail.

Image of creature found in Mexico. Photo: L.A Marzulli blog

Image of what appears to be a stinger on the creature found in Mexico. Photo: L.A. Marzulli blog

Without seeing it for yourself, it is difficult to know if this is a hoax or not. It also looks like it might be a bat, though for some reason that has not been considered, probably due to its long arms and legs.

But perhaps just as bizarre, it reminds us of creatures that John mentions in the book of Revelation.

The Roman Emperor Diocletian banished the Apostle John to the Island of Patmos making him the only apostle not martyred because of his faith.

While on this small island off the coast of Greece, John received a vision that he recorded and now makes up the last book of the Bible — Revelation.

It is an apocalyptic vision of the end times.

In chapter 9, John records a disturbing vision of mysterious creatures, that he likens to locusts:

The appearance of the locusts was like horses prepared for battle; and on their heads appeared to be crowns like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men.They had hair like the hair of women, and their teeth were like the teeth of lions.They had breastplates like breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to battle. 10 They have tails like scorpions, and stings; and in their tails is their power to hurt men for five months.11 They have as king over them, the angel of the abyss; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in the Greek he has the name Apollyon. (Revelation 9:7-11 NASV)

The creature found in Mexico seems similar to the ones that John saw. It has a face that looks like a man, teeth, wings and a stinger. The only thing missing is long hair.

But whether they are the same or not, there is a curious situation taking place in the end times.

The first thing the Apostle John points out is that these creatures were pouring out of a place called the abyss.

The Bible describes the abyss as a prison for fallen angels (evil spirits) and according to the Apostle Peter, there were fallen angels imprisoned in the abyss due to some unknown sin:

For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into hell (abyss) and committed them to pits of darkness, reserved for judgment; (2 Peter 2:4 NASV)

From the Biblical record it is uncertain what sins these fallen angels had committed, but it must have been particularly horrendous because not all of them were imprisoned there.

When Jesus was casting the evil spirit out of the man from the Gerasenes, the demons inside the man pleaded with the Lord not to be cast into the abyss (Luke 8:31). It was obviously a place they knew and feared.

Up to this point the Gerasene demons had escaped this punishment, though they feared this was where Jesus was casting them.

So what the Apostle John saw was a jail break of sorts — one that God allowed — of a particularly evil group of satanic angels.

I have always interpreted the release of these creatures as a spiritual description, it never occurred to me that they could actually be real physical animals. Who knows if this is one of them?

But I am also convinced that even if these creatures are real, it is simply a physical manifestation of what is taking place in the spiritual realm.

John describes this demonic army as prepared for battle and states they will attack men.

What is also clear from John’s vision is that these creatures are organized. They have a leader that goes by the Hebrew name of Abbadon — literally destruction. It is a personification of the destroyer.

Job, one of the oldest books in the Bible, equates Abbadon with death.

“Abaddon and Death say,

‘With our ears we have heard a report of it.’ (Job 28:22 NASV)

By this description we can presume the release of this horde will result in death and destruction. Though the Apostle John does not say what this will involve, I can only presume an unprecedented spirit of violence will be released on the earth for a season.

Below is a video of the creature produced by L.A. Marzulli. Unfortunately, it likens it to fairies and has a conspiracy theory feel to it, which raises questions for me. Even Michael Snyder who wrote on this discovery for Charisma News was not sure he should report on it.
But if the facts portrayed in the video are accurate, it may suggest the time John saw in the Book of Revelation is upon us.



  1. The “unknown sin” those angels are imprisoned for is mentioned in Gesesis 6 and elaborated on in the book of Jasher and Enoch. They were the “sons of God” breeding with daughters of men birthing violent, cannibalistic giants and all kinds of mutant, chimera animals as well. They basically messed with creation and smeared the DNA something awful. The Flood was God doing some serious damage control.


    • The problem with that theory is that angels and devils (fallen angels) are spirits. Angels are serving (ministering) spirits. When they make an appearance it is not a physical being. Even as an appearance of an angel of light, is still not a physical being that is capable of sex with women.

      I had entertained that theory for awhile, but finally gave up on it.


      • Abimbola says

        Todd… the theory is absolutely right. Demons are also spirits…. Demon spirits like incubus and succubus are spirits; but they can have sex with normal mortal men and women. Your theory is wrong… Angels who are also spirits can have sex with mortal women


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