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Another Christian on ‘The Voice?’

Shy, unassuming Korin Bukowski was in battle with Mark Hood on The Voice tonight (November 17, 2015) for the last spot in the show’s Top 11.

She and Mark had finished last in the audience voting and were forced in to a sing off where the viewing audience would vote live using Twitter.

Mark sang an energetic version of “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours.” After he was finished, I thought Korin was in tough to move on. But her haunting version of “Don’t Know Why” clearly impressed the judges.

Korin was still in the running.

After counting the Twitter votes, Korin was declared the winner.

Korin is pre-med student and during blind audition only one judge, Gwen, turned around to choose Korin to be part of a team. During the discussion after her initial tryout, judge Adam Levine said to Korin “You are so cool” and immediately Korin blurted out laughing “I’m not cool.”

Of all the contestants, Korin seems to be the most awkward and lacking confidence.

After tonight’s sing off, both Mark and Korin had some final words as the Twitter votes were being tallied.

Korin said she just wanted to sing to “His Glory” and that statement left me wondering if she might be a Christian. Then along to the top of the page on her Instagram account, Korin says “All Glory to God for this incredible journey.”

If Korin is a Christian, this means the first and last contestant chosen tonight for the Top 11 are believers.

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