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Healed of autism?

[by Dean Smith] On Charisma News Christian author and minister, Becky Dvorak, shared her incredible testimony of how God healed her adopted son of autism. Today, he is a healthy, normal teenager with no symptoms.

Autism is a neurological development disorder that manifests itself in several ways such as repetitive behavior, lack of communication skills, resistance to change and impaired social development. There is no known cure.

Andres arrived in the Dvorak home when he was six weeks old.

As a toddler, Andres started displaying autistic symptoms. He avoided eye contact and banged his head incessantly against the crib. He threw tantrums and spit at people. He experienced a food aversion common among autistic children — in his case Andres resisted eating any non-white foods and then there was the uncontrollable screaming that could go on for hours.

Andres also displayed the classic autistic repetitive behavior.

“Everything in his world had to spin in circles non-stop, including himself and his toys,” Becky said.

After testing, Andres was diagnosed with autism. The doctor offered to prescribe medication to help control his outbursts. Since it would benefit the family more than Andres, Becky declined the prescription.

The change began one day when Andres was becoming violently agitated and started screaming. Becky, who was studying the Gospels on Jesus’ healing and deliverance ministry, turned to Andres and said:

“I rebuke the violent autistic spirit within you in Jesus’ name.”

Becky said Andres calmed down immediately. From that point on she began dealing with the autistic symptoms one by one through prayer, fasting and training.

Today, Andres, 14, is completely healed. He is going to school and is even bilingual. Doctors who diagnosed him with autism now say he is completely free of the problem.

Becky says, “these diseases have a spiritual side to them that needs to be addressed as well as the physical.” You can read more about her and Andres’ journey to healing in the link below.

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