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Blood found inside a T-Rex bone from Alberta, Canada

[by Dean Smith] An article in an English newspaper, The Guardian, is reporting scientists have found blood inside a T-Rex bone fragment. What is particularly interesting is that these tiny scraps of bone from the Dinosaur Park formation in Alberta, Canada were in poor condition.

They had been kicking around for about 100 years, and few months ago the fossils were sent to the Museum of Natural History in London, England. (Photo: Zetgem/Foter/CC BY-NC)

A scientist decided to take a closer look at these fossil fragments from different dinosaurs using a high-powered electron microscope. He had actually been studying human cells and decided to take a look at the dinosaur bones as well.

One of the fragments was from the claw of a T-Rex supposedly 75 million years old. In an interview with The Guardian, Sergio Bertazzo with the Imperial museum said:

“One morning, I turned on the microscope, increased the magnification, and thought ‘wait – that looks like blood!’

At first, he thought it was human contamination — someone had bled on the fossil perhaps decades earlier. However, a closer examination of the blood sample ruled that out. After cutting through a blood cell, they discovered a nuclei and human blood does not have a nuclei.

Having found what appeared to be blood in one sample, a closer examination of slices taken from a rib bone of an unknown dinosaur revealed pliable collagen and amino acids — again more soft material.

This isn’t the first time, blood and soft tissue has been found in dinosaur bones. The first person to make that discovery was North Carolina State University Palaeontologist Mary Higby Schweitzer, an Evangelical Christian. When she wrote an article on her findings for a major evolutionist publication, the editor refused to publish it because he did not believe that was possible.

But Schweitzer persisted and her findings have now been widely reported. Since then, soft tissue has been found in dinosaur bones from around the world and now most recently Canada.

Of course, the question that everyone is avoiding is how could fossilized dinosaur bones supposedly 75 million years old still have soft tissue in them. The obvious answer: they aren’t 80 million years old.

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