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Alien attacks, War of the Worlds, Martians and evolution

Martians attacking HMS Thunder Child from War of the Worlds: Wikipedia

Martians attacking HMS Thunder Child from War of the Worlds: Wikipedia

[by Dean Smith] Atheists and evolutionists like to discredit Christians for our belief in God who created the heavens and earth. They in turn insist their beliefs are all about the science.

But that is often not the case. In fact, a recent poll showed that over half of atheists believe in life on other planets without any credible evidence for their existence. Atheists do have faith — it is just in Aliens.

At the annual meeting of the American Physical Society in Illinois held Saturday, November 22, 2014. Physicist Dr. John Brandenburg presented his scientific evidence that there was an ancient civilization living on Mars that was completely destroyed when another Alien race attacked the planet.

Think War of the Worlds in reverse.

Brandenburg even went so far as to give these Martian aliens names — he calls them Cydonians and Utopians.

This nuclear attack resulted in high concentrations of Xenon 129 in the Martian atmosphere and as well a layer of Uranium and thorium on the planet’s surface. He even produced a map of Mars showing where two nuclear attacks took place and how the prevailing winds scatter the nuclear residue.

The Digital Journal provided excerpts from his paper entitled “Evidence of Massive Thermonuclear Explosions in Mars Past, the Cydonian Hypotheseis and Fermi’s Paradox” — the basis for Brandenburg’s presentation:

Analysis of recent Mars isotopic, gamma ray, and imaging data supports the hypothesis that perhaps two immense thermonuclear explosions occurred on Mars in the distant past…

Analysis rules out large unstable ‘natural nuclear reactors,’ instead, data is consistent with mixed fusion-fission explosions…

Analysis of new images from Odyssey, MRO and Mars Express orbiters now show strong evidence of eroded archaeological objects at these sites.

Taken together, the data requires that the hypothesis of Mars as the site of an ancient planetary nuclear massacre must now be considered. Fermi’s Paradox, the unexpected silence of the stars, may be solved at Mars.

His paper is also tentatively scheduled for publication in Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

Dr. Brandenberg is no flake. He has a PhD in Theoretical Plasma Physics and works as a plasma physicist for a company in Madison Wisconsin.

Although, he doesn’t know who this invading alien race was, Brandenburg believes the earth may also be a target.

And he is not alone in this belief. Even famed atheists and physicist Stephen Hawking, who suffers from a motor neuron disease, stated in a recent documentary released on Discovery Channel that Earth is vulnerable to attack by superior Alien species starved for resources.

Atheists and evolutionists find it so easy to go down this road because they fervently believe if life evolved here it can easily happen anywhere.

But others are not convinced. In a documentary called “Human Universe,” Physicist Brian Cox from the University of Manchester in England said he does not believe in Aliens because the start of life and resulting evolution was such an impossible, even miraculous event, it could not happen twice. Christians have said that for decades, but we go one step further and say it was so impossible it could not have happened even once.

War of the Worlds and the war on Creation

Brandenburg’s theory has a familiar War of the Worlds ring to it. Written by H. G. Wells (1866 – 1946), War of the Worlds is a novel about Martians invading earth that Wells wrote between 1895 and 1897. The story, written as a news report of the invasion, gained notoriety in 1938 when a radio station broadcast the story. People as far away as Canada actually believed a Martian invasion was taking place and fled their homes.

Aside from his writing career, Wells studied to be a science teacher and even served as a reviewer for the science magazine — “Nature.” One of the major influences in Well’s life was his teacher T.H. Huxley, an ardent believer in Darwin’s theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution is seen throughout the War of the Worlds, particularly in the highly developed/evolved Martian species. Wells promoted the idea of superior, more evolved races — the natural result of Darwin’s theory.  Adolf Hitler would later embrace similar ideas in his superior Arayan race that led to the slaughter of millions of people who the Nazis considered less than human.

An Evangelical Christian also plays a significant role in War of the Worlds. He is portrayed as crazy because of his ravings about Armageddon and the end of the world. The Martians are eventually attracted to the Christian because of his rants and kill the man. The book leaves the impression it served the man right.

Once you remove God from your life, it is easy to see how science fiction can become your reality.

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  1. Dr. Brandenburg provided a great service to all people in general and academic scientists in particular. His contribution has offered an extremely ancient date for a civilization on Mars, 180 million years.

    Furthermore, his claim of similarities between the civilization on Mars and the Egyptians and Olmec heads on Earth strongly indicate contact between both worlds in the very extreme ancient past.

    Additionally, it offers a partial support for my own research and evidence against human evolution from a monkey-like ancestor. Here is how.

    First, my own work dates civilization on Earth to over 425 million years. An ancient date for Mars partially supports this date.

    Second, a very ancient origin for intelligent life, either on Earth or Mars, particularly if it was similar to Egypt or the Olmec, would tend to argue against the “monkey origin” of humanity.

    Third, an ancient origin for humanity argues in favor of God “making man in His image, after His likeness” (Gen. 1:26 RSV). Whatever, evolution took place would then become just an adaptation to a changing world and not evolution of mind or soul since it was previously created by God.

    Christians, then, should welcome the work of Dr. Brandenburg.


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