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Activists launch petition demanding TLC cancel ’19 kids and counting’

Are people allowed to disagree with biological males using female washrooms? Photo Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Wikipedia

Are people allowed to disagree with biological males using female washrooms? Photo Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Wikipedia/Jim Duggar

[by Dean Smith] A petition has been launched on to have The Learning Channel (TLC) cancel the Duggar’s popular reality show “19 Kids and Counting.”

The show, which started in 2008, features the daily struggles of a Christian family: parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children (9 girls and 10 boys). Since the show started, three of the children have married, but they and their families still make appearances.

The petition was launched after Michelle Duggar opposed a law being considered in Fayetteville, Arkansas  that would allow biological males to use girls’ washrooms, locker rooms and showers. It is similar to a widely criticized law passed in Houston this past June that allows transgender men or women to use facilities of the opposite sex. Critics say such ordinances give sexual predators access to female facilities.

The petition is calling for TLC to cancel the show because of Duggar’s supposed LGBTQ fear mongering. The petition, which has been on the site since August, has 120,000 signers. The anti-Duggar petition gained momentum recently because of articles by Huffington Post and E! News.

In response, Lifesitenews, a Catholic-based pro-life and pro family organization, set up a petition to counter efforts to cancel the show. The petition, launched November 20, has collected over 80,000 signatures in just two days. You can sign their petition by clicking on this link: Defend the Duggars as they come under attack! Sign the petition.

Fans of the Duggars have also launched a petition calling for TLC to keep the show on the air. The petition, called “Keep 19 Kids and Counting on Air‘, started on November 19, 2014 has collected over 9,000 names. You can sign this petition here. It is found on the same site as the petition calling for show’s cancellation.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that those demanding tolerance show little tolerance for any who disagree with their opinions.

To this point, TLC has not commented on the issue.

It is similar to attempts by Gay activists to have A&E remove family patriarch Phil Robertson from the popular Duck Dynasty reality show in late 2013 because he does not approve of a homosexual lifestyle. Though Phil was initially fired, A&E reinstated him within weeks because of the public backlash.

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