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Johns Hopkins study concludes there is no gay gene

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University recently released a study stating there was no conclusive evidence of a gene that causes a person to be gay, lesbian or transgender. People are not born with gay affections. This study runs contrary to what some are suggesting in recent years. The report was co-written by Johns Hopkins’ scholar in residence Lawrence Mayer who is also a statistics professor at Arizona State University and Paul McHugh a psychiatry professor at Johns Hopkins. Many consider the two men as leading scholars on mental health in America. Mayer has taught at over eight universities including Stanford and Princeton and McHugh served as chief psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins for 25 years and was also elected to the President’s council on bio ethics. In their report, entitled “Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological and Social Sciences” published in The New Atlantis, the two researchers surveyed over 200 studies done on the topic in a variety of fields. They cited studies of identical twins, particularly one conducted in 2010 by a team …

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A gay activist tells his journey to Christ

Though James Parker was raised in a Christian home in a rural community in Northern England, as a young teenage boy he became convinced that he was gay. In his testimony on mercatornet, James said as he struggled with his identity he turned to alcohol, became suicidal and self harming. At the age of 17, he finally came out to his parents and friends at school. He was shocked when they not only accepted but affirmed his gay identity. When he turned 18, James moved to London and threw himself into the gay community, even taking on an activist role for homosexual causes. Despite a promiscuous lifestyle, Parker still had an interest in spiritual things and became involved in a gay lesbian Christian group, which other than promoting safe sex did not have a strong spiritual agenda. While attending university, he eventually settled down with a long-term partner and together they planned to visit a country where gay marriage was allowed and get married. But while at university he still had an inner desire for …

Hollywood Decisions

[by Sandy McIntosh] The actress Susan Sarandon recently stated that she is open to dating any gender, “if there’s a person, I would leave open the age, the color, the gender even. I’m open. It increases your chances, doesn’t it?” This has been received with support and enthusiasm by members of the gay community. For example: “The fact that she will say she’s open to dating any gender like it’s no big deal is good for visibility, and that benefits everyone.” In another story, Scott Lyons once attended Immaculata High School in Somerville, New Jersey. He is now in his thirties and openly gay. His brother informed him that a teacher at his former high school, Patricia Jannuzzi, had posted a message on her personal Facebook page with her own belief that homosexuality is learned behavior. Immaculata is a Catholic school.

Ben Carson says prison proves gay lifestyle is a choice, later apologizes

[by Dean Smith] In an interview on CNN, Ben Carson, a possible contender for the Republican presidential nomination, was asked if being gay was a choice. There are several pushing the idea that homosexuality is genetic, however, a number of studies on identical twins suggest this is not the case. In a response to Chris Cuomo’s question, Carson said he believes being gay is a choice. Using the prison system as his example, Carson stated: “Because a lot of people who go into prison straight — and when they come out, they’re gay. So, did something happen while they were in there? Ask yourself that question.”

Christian Rapper Jackie Hill-Perry comes out of the closet — she is an ex gay!

[by Dean Smith] In an interview with Wade-O Radio, Christian rapper Jackie Hill-Perry, 25, told the world she was formerly a lesbian and that God had changed her life. According to an article in the Washington Times, as the news spread through social media, she faced mixed reaction – about 60% responded positively to her announcement and 40% were critical.  Jackie has about 65,000 social media followers. She spoke of a number of tweets from one girl who called Jackie “delusional, in denial and brainwashed.” It all started when Jackie responded to a song by rapper Macklemore who speaking of same-sex relationships said “I can’t change even if I tried, even if I wanted to.”

Activists launch petition demanding TLC cancel ’19 kids and counting’

[by Dean Smith] A petition has been launched on to have The Learning Channel (TLC) cancel the Duggar’s popular reality show “19 Kids and Counting.” The show, which started in 2008, features the daily struggles of a Christian family: parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children (9 girls and 10 boys). Since the show started, three of the children have married, but they and their families still make appearances. The petition was launched after Michelle Duggar opposed a law being considered in Fayetteville, Arkansas  that would allow biological males to use girls’ washrooms, locker rooms and showers. It is similar to a widely criticized law passed in Houston this past June that allows transgender men or women to use facilities of the opposite sex. Critics say such ordinances give sexual predators access to female facilities.

Studies of identical twins reveal homosexuality is not genetic

According to Dr. Neil Whitehead, studies of identical twins are concluding homosexuality is not genetic.  Dr. Whitehead has a PhD in statistics and biochemistry. There are twin data-bases in a number of nations around the world containing records of thousands of twins. Since identical twins have the same DNA,  geneticists are using these repositories to study the impact of genetics. If same-sex attraction is genetic as some claim, then if one identical twin is homosexual, the other would be born that way as well. However, one of the revelations coming out of these studies is the realization homosexuality is not genetically based.