Month: August 2014

From 3 to 5 hours: Changing God’s mind through prayer

Several years back, my wife and I attended a camp meeting in the U.S. God was moving in the services through the Toronto revival and both of us were impacted by God’s Spirit. 

One night, I felt the Lord say He wanted me to stay in the tabernacle and pray for three hours after the service. The meetings were going late, so it would be about three in the morning before my head hit the pillow. My preference was to go to bed. But it seemed like God, so I decided to do it. Now to be honest, I was very legalistic about the time and I looked at my watch every 15 minutes or so to see how much time had passed. 

I was a true watchman. God was going to get three hours and not a minute more. Advertisements

The Other Side of Mars Hill

One of the best known “mega” churches in our times is the Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington, U.S.A. Recently the news has been bad. The church has become so infamous that Google Search has a search category “The Mars Hill Controversy.” Something must be wrong when Google doesn A random Internet search of the church’s name produced these titles: [Pastor Mark] Driscoll to take break from Mars Hill pulpit Why the Mars Hill Faithful Have Started to Question Mark Church or Cult? The Control-Freaky Ways of Mars Hill Church A Shunning in Seattle: A powerful megachurch’s harsh tactics raise questions about how much control churches should have over their members’ lives. Worst Guy Ever Alert: Beware of Horrible Hipster Pastor Mark Driscoll Protesters Call For Pastor Mark Driscoll’s Resignation After Multiple Scandals At Mars Hill Church Controversy is now the news from Mars Hill Church.

A key to successful prayer: Do you believe God loves you?

When the pharisees asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was, He replied: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27 NASV) Can anyone be commanded to love God or love anyone for that matter? Yet we are told this is the greatest commandment for a believer. How do we do it? The Apostle John provides the answer: “We love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19 NASV) The key to being able to love God is first understanding and believing that God loves you and this is our “great” struggle to obeying the “greatest” commandment. A study by Baylor University, published in the journal Sociology of Religion, concluded that understanding God loves us is even an important key to successful prayer.

More British Muslims fighing for Islamic extremists than the British Army

According to Khalid Mahmood, a British MP from Birmingham, England, there are more British Muslims fighting for Islamic State (IS) extremists in the Middle East than there are serving in the British army. The IS — which goes by various acronyms including ISIS (Islamic State in Syria) — is attempting to set up an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East. The British army says there are 600 Muslims serving in the British army. MP Khalid Mahmood believes over the last three years 1,500 British Muslims have joined the IS in its fight in the Middle East.

A baby announcement goes viral

Los Angeles pastor Patrick McGillicuddy and his wife Whitney, created a cute YouTube video to announce to family and friends that they were expecting a baby in February 2015. They were shocked when the video went viral. Their video played off Cokes’ personalized #shareacoke ad campaign that has people’s voices change as they drink coke from containers with different names on them. In their video, which now sits at 3.9 million views, the couple’s voices change as they drink from cans with different names imprinted on them. Their voices return to normal when they drink from the last two cans labelled ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad.’ This is followed immediately with an ultrasound image of their baby and the pregnancy announcement. Numerous website around the world have played the video and it was even featured on Good Morning America. In an article published on Christianity Today, Pat who is a children’s pastor The Church at Rocky Creek said: “The beauty of the video is that we didn’t intend for this to happen.”  

Does an ancient papyrus speak of the Exodus plagues from an Egyptian perspective?

Español: ¿Un antiguo papiro habla de las plagas del Éxodo desde una perspectiva egipcia? There is an ancient Egyptian papyrus that some believe tells of the plagues that God sent on Egypt during Israel’s deliverance from that land under Moses. Oddly the ancient document hasn’t caught the attention of many Christians simply because it doesn’t fit their time-table of who the Pharaoh of the Exodus actually was. Most believe the Exodus happened under Thutmose III or Ramses II, but this document puts it much earlier than these pharaohs. But it perfectly fits my theory of when the Exodus took place, and I believe this papyrus — written from an Egyptian’s perspective — describes the chaotic days and the plagues associated with Israel’s deliverance. The document officially named Leiden I 344 is on display at the Dutch National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden, Holland. It was discovered in 1828, but wasn’t translated until 1909, when Professor Alan Gardner discovered it was a lament speaking of a very chaotic time in Egypt’s history. He titled it The …

Over 50% regret their decision to divorce

According to a survey — conducted in conjunction with the DVD release of a movie called The Love Punch — 54% of people who had divorced said they had second thoughts about their decision. The survey was reported by the Daily Mail. The Love Punch, starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, is a comedy about a divorced couple who are brought back together to try to recover a retirement fund stolen through fraud. During this process, they realize their love for each other had not died. The survey questioned 2,000 UK men and women who had either been either divorced or separated from a long term relationship for over five years.

The real problem in the Middle East — Muslim extremists don’t want peace, they want the total destruction of Israel

In this six-minute video, radio host Dennis Prager explains the real reason there is no peace in the Middle East. He says Muslim extremists don’t want peace, because they desire Israel’s destruction. With that as their ultimate goal, lasting peace is impossible. Even the terrorist organization Hamas — which controls the Gaza strip– calls for Israel’s destruction in its Charter. So who else has called for Israel’s destruction?

You are the salt of the earth, and it’s good for you and the world

Two papers published by Canadian researchers in the New England Journal of Medicine say we have it wrong when it comes to salt. The general view is the less salt we consume the better.  While Canadians consume on average 3.5 to 4 grams of salt per day, Health Canada has been pushing to reduce daily consumption to 2.3 grams daily and even suggested 1.5 grams was a good goal. Other groups such as Hyptertension Canada have suggested a daily consumption rate of 2.o grams, this was an upgrade of its earlier recommendation of consuming 1.3 grams to 1.5 grams of salt daily. The push for lower salt consumption is based on the notion that it will reduce cardiovascular problems.

The people of Gaza are starting to turn against Hamas

It was inevitable. After weeks of purposefully endangering their lives, the people of Gaza are starting to turn against Hamas. Hamas has brutally ruled Gaza since it took control in 2005. Every two or three years it attacks Israel. In its most recent conflict, as it did in the past, the terrorist organization is purposefully launching its rockets from Gaza suburbs and even hospitals hoping Israel’s retaliatory strikes would result in human casualties or at the very least destroy people’s homes. According to a report by the Associated Press, Gazans are starting to openly criticize Hamas. This is a very rare move and extremely dangerous as Hamas, similar to its ISIS cousins in Iraq, will kill fellow Muslims with little provocation. The lucky ones who criticize Hamas’ are thrown in jail. The AP article stated:

Praying two and a half weeks for a slurpee?

A few year’s back, my wife was talking to a woman who told of struggles with her oldest son. He was having problems at school and teachers were constantly asking his mother to come in to deal with behavioral issues. As they discussed what was happening, the woman shared that the boy was her only child from a previous marriage. Divorced, she had remarried and now she and her new husband had children of their own. However, the step-father was finding it difficult accepting the oldest son. He found it hard to praise him and easy to criticize. 
My wife heard the story, saw the need and decided to pray about it. For the next two and half weeks, this became the focus of her prayers.

Who is Israel and who is the church?

With all the focus on Israel in recent weeks because of Hamas attacks, it’s time to take a look at the relationship between the church and Israel. Some believe that God is done with Israel and that the church is the new expression of God’s kingdom on the earth — the church has replaced Israel. Along with this some believe, that since Israel failed to fulfill God’s purpose, the church is God’s second choice. But is this what the Bible really says? How does the church fit with Israel? In order to understand this relationship, we need to first define who Israel is. In Romans 9:6-13, Paul digs into the Old Testament to show how God views Israel. He opens with this stunning announcement:

Who are the nations?

Throughout the Bible, we see references to kingdoms and nations and it is important that we understand the difference between the two words, because much of the conflict in the world is based on this difference. The first time we find both these words used is in Genesis 10. In a previous article, I talked about the rise of Nimrod, (Genesis 10:8-10) who was Satan’s first attempt to set up a one-world government on earth. “And the beginning of his [Nimrod’s] kingdom was Babel and Errech and Accad and Caineh, in the land of Shinar” (Genesis 10:10 NASV). The Hebrew word for Kingdom (mamlakah) is derived from the Hebrew word for king “malak.” Kingdom refers to a country controlled by a king or one sovereign power. It is an external, largely political control. Under Nimrod’s influence, they built the Tower of Babel. At this point, the descendants of Noah had one language (Genesis 11:1.) In response to what was happening, God instituted languages that divided the people — along family lines — into nations (Hebrew …

Finnish reporter’s outrage at Israel, as it uses her media report to expose Hamas’ brutality

Finnish reporter Aishi Zidan was in Gaza to do one thing – report on the suffering of the Gaza people because of Israel’s battle with Hamas terrorists. Instead, she inadvertently confirmed exactly what Israel has said from the beginning of the conflict, that Hamas was intentionally endangering Gaza civilians by using them as a protective shield. As Zidan was doing her report for Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat, she stated without thinking that at 2 am she noticed that Hamas was launching a missile from the backyard of the Gaza-based Shifa Hospital — yes a hospital. A translation of her comments, provided by The Blaze, reads:

Chinese government accuses Canadian Pentecostal pastors of espionage

PRAYER REQUEST: Kevin, 54, and Julia, 53, Garratt are Canadians Christians ministering in China. Originally from Mississauga, Ontario, they have been in China since 1984, when they went there to teach English. The Garratts live in Dandong, on the border with North Korea. They moved to Dandong in 2008, after working in a number of Chinese cities and a brief time back in Canada. They serve as Pentecostal pastors and hold weekly church services each Sunday in their home. They also started a popular coffee shop in the city, located near the Friendship Bridge, a major crossing over the Yula River that marks the border of China and North Korea. On Monday, August 4, 2014, they were going out for supper with another couple whose daughter was going to Canada to study. The Garratts have four children, three are in Canada, and Peter who lives in Dandong. The Garratts had invited Peter to join them, but he had a previous commitment. The last thing he heard from his parents was a text his dad sent …

A New World Power, The Islamic Caliphate

Something amazing happened in this world recently, and most of us missed it. We know that violence has spread like a fire in the Middle East, recently. Israel is fighting Hamas in Gaza and Egypt is fighting a smaller parallel war on the southern border of Gaza. Both are fighting Hamas and its allies. Egypt and Israel are co-belligerents, if not allies in a war against Arab Muslims. On the eastern border of Egypt, Libya is collapsing into a violent civil war and hundreds of thousands are running for their lives. Many of the refugees are Egyptian workers. Countries like Canada have evacuated diplomatic staff. North of Israel, starting from the valley of the Euphrates river, the Islamic movement Isis, or Isil, or the Islamic State has conquered large parts of Syria and Iraq. Iran, the ancient Persia, has sent fighters to support Syria and Iraq. Thousands have died, many more are refugees, and entire nations are being destroyed. A world war may be emerging from the Middle East, like an ancient Bible story with guns …

The Manitoba Legislature: A beacon of the occult?

Frank Albo theorizes the legislature of Manitoba, a province in Canada, is a “beacon of the occult.” While many scoff at the notion, through years of research Albo collected evidence showing the building, which houses the provincial government in the city of Winnipeg, is not your typical building. Albo, who has researched eastern religions, says he was driving by the Manitoba legislature in 2001, when he noticed two stone sphinxes perched on the roof. These were clearly Egyptian icons and he wondered why such symbols would be on a building in the middle of Canada. His interest peaked, Albo started a five-year study of the building, which started construction in 1912 and completed in 1920, 300% over budget. As he poked around the immense structure, he realized it honored a number of ancient deities. At the same time, it incorporated many of the fundamental ideals of Freemasonry in its architecture. Not surprisingly, he discovered the chief designer of the building, Frank Simon, had been schooled in free masonry design techniques. Freemasonry combines elements of the temple …

Is God blowing Hamas missles off course?

In a previous article, I wrote on how Hamas terrorists are reportedly complaining that Israel’s God is causing their missiles to miss the targets. Hamas is bombarding Israel with thousands of missiles. Israel uses an Iron Dome system to send up counter-strike missiles to knock out Hamas rockets as they are in flight. There are estimates Israel is intercepting between 30% to 40% of Hamas’ missiles. The problem is there are not enough Iron Dome batteries to effectively cover all of Israel, but still the Iron Dome is proving an effective defense. However, even with its efficiency, due to the thousands of missiles Hamas is launching at Israel, hundreds are still getting through. However a report of one errant Hamas missile attack may be a further sign God is intervening in this war.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder, denounces the terrorist organization

As Israel and Hamas continue to battle in the Gaza strip, CNN released a stunning interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef, 36, a former Hamas and son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef. His father, a powerful Sheik living in the West Bank, helped start the terrorist organization in 1987. But Mosab not only left Hamas, he also left the Muslim faith and became a Christian. The conflict started a few weeks ago when the terrorist group Hamas, that now controls Gaza, unleashed an unrelenting barrage of missiles on Israel.  A key part of Hamas’ defense strategy includes hiding its forces within civilian populations hoping civilian deaths would turn public opinion against Israel. But the media, which is traditionally anti Israel, is starting to see Hamas for what it really is — a brutally violent, terrorist organization. In the CNN interview, Mosab said: