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Virtue Points: How Intersectional are you?

How do you fit on the Intersectional scale?

If you don’t know what that means, you are in the majority. There is an idea in our modern thinking, and it controls almost every political idea. You might agree, or disagree, or you might be neutral, but you should be informed.

Intersectionality involves classifying people and through that process, they gain or lose virtue points.

Here’s one example: Are you “Right Wing”?

Most of us stay away from that label because we know it is dangerous. Most journalists use the label “Right Wing” to label people whose ideas are unpopular with them.

But honestly, the same rules apply to “Left Wing” people, in some conversations.

If someone asked you to define “Right Wing” thinking, in one brief sentence, could you do it? Most of us could not.

“Left Wing” is slightly easier to define.

Try this one: Have you repented of your white privilege?

If you have children, are they learning “Critical Race Theory” in school?

When I was a boy, we learned a song in school, and I still remember the words “In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue … ” We were taught that those explorers were fearless leaders who gave us our modern world.

Now we have models of “White Privilege”, violent invasions, and “Colonial Oppression.” One term to watch for now is “UNDRIP” or the “United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.” This is a huge shift in thinking, and it is leading us to huge arguments, and possibly violence.

Some people have more or fewer virtue points, before they open their mouths. The argument is half over before anyone speaks. You should be aware before you speak, and give an opinion.

Intersectionality – Wikipedia

This theoretical model is credited to activists and university professors in California. The idea is that some people are more oppressed than others, and the most oppressed should be heard the most. They have the most virtue points, and we should listen to them more.

Are you a vegetarian? Or possibly you have issues with sexual or gender orientation. Where do your ancestors come from? Or, what else is important these days? … Politics, religion, opinions about the news, rules about what is news and what gets told to the public … Should we financially compensate the descendants of slaves?

For a feminist, a woman’s voice is more important than a man’s opinion, also known as “mansplaining.” Imagine being a white or Caucasian, male, and over fifty, also known as a boomer. Maybe add some colonial and white privilege Christianity.

You are dismissed! Your virtue points are depleted before you speak.

Other people have a history as victims of oppression. They speak first, and we hear them more. That is “intersectional” thinking, and it influences all modern arguments.

You have probably heard of the shooter who went into a school recently, and killed several people, including young children. The shooter was “Trans” and had a grievance with the Christian school.

An important official in Arizona was recently fired after making some statements in favor of violence against “Transphobes.”

I think it is also important to recognize the Intersectional thinking that formed the argument. The Intersectional argument is, apparently, that someone was oppressed and therefore had some rights and some virtue points when they lashed out:

Though this person lost their job, we should know that Intersectional thinking is very important in our modern world, and it is not going away.

I am writing as a Christian, and I wonder what I can say about all this? There are many African immigrants in my church, but then, is that colonialism?

Really, the answer is simple. I am not a good person, I am forgiven. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous, forgiving us our sins and cleansing us from all unrighteousness.” (1 John 1:9)

I made a personal choice to follow Jesus, and not everyone came with me. I walk on this road alone, and I meet people like me. And I follow someone who spoke the truth, was arrested, and was executed with nails, on a cross. I also believe he came back from the dead, and soon he is coming back for me.

I really believe that.

Christians don’t belong in the Intersectional model. We have different marching orders, and a different kind of repenting.

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