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Communist China spy balloon(s) discovered flying over sensitive military sites in the US and Canada

Communist China spy balloons have been reported over both the US and Canada, the Daily Mail reports.

The US and Canadian military are tracking high-altitude surveillance’ balloons. In the US, the balloon, which is the size of three buses, may have flown over highly sensitive nuclear missile sites in Montana.

The balloon entered US airspace two days ago and Americans are asking the obvious question, why has US President Joe Biden not ordered it shot down yet?

Some have speculated that there may be only one balloon that has been moving over the airspace of both countries.

The Chinese Communist Party has, of course, denied all allegations stating that it follows all international laws.

READ: China urges America to stay ‘cool headed’ as it ‘looks into’ Pentagon claims that one of its spy balloons has violated US air space over sensitive military sites in Montana: Canada probes SECOND incident

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Meanwhile, in Australia

Federal authorities have smashed a Chinese-Australian money laundering scheme that has bought millions of dollars worth of property in Sydney including thousands of acres of land near Sydney’s airport. It is alleged they also moved an estimated $10 billion out of Australia.

Nine people have been arrested. Two are described as being members of a Chinese mafia and are estimated to be worth $1 billion. According to authorities the syndicate has been involved in several countries. READ: Property grab: AFP smashes alleged $10 billion Chinese money-laundering operation

Meanwhile, in Canada

Prime Minister Trudeau has still refused to provide the names of the 11 politicians who allegedly received financial aid from the Chinese Communist Party during the 2019 federal election campaign. The information was provided by a Canadian intelligence report.

“Canadian intelligence officials have warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that China has allegedly been targeting Canada with a vast campaign of foreign interference, which includes funding a clandestine network of at least 11 federal candidates running in the 2019 election,” Global News reported.

Some have suggested if they were Conservative candidates, Trudeau would have released the information immediately. READ: Canadian intelligence warned PM Trudeau that China covertly funded 2019 election candidates: Sources

Meanwhile, in the EU

A socialist MP for the European Union has been accused of allegedly receiving $100,000 in bribes from unnamed third-party countries, Breitbart reports. READ: EU Socialist MP Suspected of Taking Over $100,000 in Bribes – Report

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