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Big revival in small town Kentucky

Rural Kentucky Credit: Joshua Michaels/

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord. (Acts 3:19 NIV)

While it is easy to be awestruck by mega churches which are typically defined as having over 2,000 people attending weekly services, God is not caught up in numbers but rather in matters of the heart.

A revival has broken out in North Main Community Church, located in the small town of Barbourville in South Eastern Kentucky with a population of just 3,200.

The church is pastored by Scott Phipps, 58, a former drug dealer in the town who turned to Christ shortly after his wife came home declaring she had become a Christian and was done with drugs.

The revival, which has been going on for nearly three months, is impacting the small community as over 300 people have been saved during the meetings and over 150 drug addicts have been delivered.

Scott told CBN that during the nightly services, they will have over 150 people who were once former addicts.

“Addicts have been delivered every night. And one thing about the people coming is that most of them do not have any background in any Christianity whatsoever,” Phipps said.

The move of God, which has also impacted the young people, required the church to find new facilities because of the growth in attendance.

News of the revival is now being reported in the secular press. In an interview with WYMT, former addict Megan Hattons said:

“If you look around our congregation, we have men with long wild hair, we’ve got bikers, we’ve got elderly, we’ve got young single moms, we’ve got pregnant teenagers; we want them to know we don’t care who you’ve been, we care about who you want to be.”

Having been drug addicts themselves for nearly 15 years, the Phipps’ have a unique understanding of that community.

Their conversion to Christ was equally interesting.

It started when Scott’s wife, Tammie found a Bible in a car they had recently purchased and then a short time later announced she had made a decision to follow Christ, WYMT reported.

“She came home and said ‘God saved me. I don’t want to do drugs anymore and I love you now.’ And I remember how mad I got. Then I thought, ‘Well me and this God thing isn’t going to work.’ And then I tried to give her drugs and she wouldn’t take them and then I knew it was real. It did something to me,” Scott said in an interview with CBN News.

Scott turned to Christ a few weeks later. In 1998, they decided to start a church and along with that Tammie opened a center for drug addicts called Hope City Rehabilitation.

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