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Can dreams be a form of evangelism? The conversion of an ex-Muslim suggests they can

A Christian man, who had converted to Islam, turned back to Christ after people prayed for God to send a dream of Jesus, CBN reports.

Raised in a Christian home, Mike Westerfield considered himself a religious man. He had attended a Bible college and occasionally preached at his local church, but his faith was challenged when he started visiting some Muslims at a local prison in Florida.

In particular, this group challenged Westerfield about his belief in the Trinity and began to give him Islamic literature. This eventually led to Westerfield becoming a Muslim.

This was not a shallow conversion. Over the next 12 years, Westerfield actually attended an Islamic university with the intention of becoming an Imam.

But despite his conversion, Westerfield would eventually start questioning some of the things that he was discovering in Islam, which he described as “deception and lies” in an interview with

This led to him reexamining Jesus. He turned to several apologetic groups, such as Lee Strobel, and Abdu Murray, an ex-Muslim, who had become a Christian and set up an apologetics ministry, Truth International.

Westerfield had several conversations with Murray about his conversion to Islam and his struggles with Muslim beliefs.

But Murray did more than just talk to Westerfield, Murray along with another apologeticist, Josh McDowell, prayed that God would speak to Westerfield via a dream.

I found this interesting because in the book of Joel, the prophet stated that in the end times, that God would pour out His Holy Spirit on all flesh, and they would begin to prophesy and have dreams (Joel 2:28).

When Joel said ‘all flesh’, this meant all people including Christians and nonbelievers. And as we have reported

Dreams and visions can almost be classified as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but it never occurred to me that we should be praying for God to send them to other people.

But that is exactly what Murray and McDowell did for Westerfield and in 2012, he received a dream that turned in back to Christ.

In his dream, Westerfield found himself covered in Christ’s blood.

“Jesus’ blood filled the scene in my dream,” Westerfield said. “I tried to run from it, but it covered me entirely! I felt such peace and love, and Jesus’ dark brown eyes pierced my soul!”

Though he found it difficult to leave Islam, Westerfield has since gone to college and received his master’s in Christian studies.

I have never looked upon dreams as an evangelistic tool, but this testimony suggests that the Holy Spirit can send dreams to people with a message specifically meaningful to that person.

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