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How God helped a US Congresswoman’s unborn baby survive a condition, that none survived before

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler
Credit: US House of Representatives/Wikipedia/Public Domain

An amazing story has emerged on the remarkable healing of Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s (R-Wa) baby.

Faithwire reports shortly after announcing that she was expecting, doctor’s informed Beutler that her 22-week-old unborn baby would die because she was suffering from a lack of amniotic fluid and as well had no kidneys.

It is a very rare condition called Potter’s Syndrome, and one that no baby had ever survived.

“[The doctors] said … ‘Your baby has no kidneys, which means there’s no amniotic fluid in there, which means your baby is going to die. There is no chance your baby will live. No baby has ever survived this,’” Beutler told Faithwire. “There is nothing to describe getting news like that.”

The doctors recommended an abortion.

But abortion was not an option for Beutler and her husband, David, who are Christians, and they turned to prayer.

A day after her diagnosis, Beutler received an email devotional discussing healing, and at that moment she felt God wanted her to ‘contend’ for their unborn child.

Beutler sensed the Holy Spirit was saying that the baby would survive and that the Lord would provide the steps (wisdom) needed to ensure this.

Shortly, after she went public on Twitter about her baby’s condition, she received some interesting advice about inserting saline around her baby.

When their doctor refused to do this, stating it wouldn’t work, Beutler found a doctor who would try the procedure.

“We watched as that first amount of fluid went in, and it started to fill. We saw [our daughter] open her mouth and swallow the fluid, and her lungs started to practice breathing” Beutler said.

As they continued to insert saline over the next few weeks, her baby’s condition improved. Several issues associated with Potter’s syndrome, including a squished head and club feet, were reversed.

As she went into labour, Beutler ‘knew’ that God would look after both of them.

And when her daughter, Abigail, came out of the womb crying, it revealed that another condition associated with the syndrome, underdeveloped lungs, had also been corrected.

And after her husband donated a kidney to Abigail at the age of two, their eight-year-old daughter is thriving today.

It is a remarkable testimony of another of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the word of wisdom. The word of wisdom is a gift that provides a unique understanding of a situation or problem and particularly on how to solve it.

We see the gift on display in the life of King Solomon, and coincidentally, it also involved a baby (1 King 3:16-28).

Solomon was dealing with a situation involving two prostitutes living in the same house who had recently given birth.

After the child of one of the women had died while they were sleeping, she switch her dead child with the baby of the other woman.

The distraught woman came to Solomon asking for her stolen infant to be returned.

It was an unusual case, and I think Solomon suspected that there was truth to what the woman was saying, but it was simply her word against the word of the other woman.

How could he prove it to the satisfaction of everyone who was intently watching this interesting court case?

God gave Solomon, who had previously prayed for wisdom (2 Chronicles 1:7-12), a word of wisdom. He ordered the baby to be cut in half and one half to be given to each mother.

This order instantly revealed the identity of the true mother, who pleaded for Solomon not to kill the child and allow the other woman to keep her son.

James says that if we ask, God will give us wisdom without reproach or condemnation. In other words, even if we got ourselves into the mess by our own stupid decisions, the Holy Spirit will help us get out of it, without a ‘told you so”:

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him. (James 1:5 ESV)

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